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12 Ways To Make Your Loved Ones Day : Valentine's Day [Infographic]

Posted on Feb 12, 2015 11:53:43 AM by healtheo360

In the month of February many people are thinking about Valentine’s Day. Everyone will be searching for the perfect gift and different ways to make their loved ones or friends feel special on that day. Well here are a few ways to make their day even if it’s not on Valentine’s Day.

Loved one

Send a thoughtful care package to show how much you love them

Sending a care package to your loved one or friend can simply brighten up that person’s day. Dealing with a chronic health condition can sometimes tire an individual. Being able to send them a basket full of goods can help them to feel relieved, more relaxed, and feel loved.

Spend the entire day with your family and friends

Taking time out of your busy schedule to spend your entire day with your loved one or friend is the best way to show your love for them. Giving them your undivided attention, and being there for them throughout the whole day can help to make them feel special and loved. Especially if your loved one or friend is suffering from a chronic health condition, they will appreciate you for taking the time to spend the entire day with them.

Make a special dinner

Who doesn’t love eating food, especially if it’s your favorite dish? Making a special dinner will bring a huge smile on their face. Mostly if your loved one or friend is suffering from a chronic health condition and can not go to their favorite restaurant. Making them a dish from their favorite restaurant, or just something that they love eating will bring joy in their hearts.

Go watch your favorite movies together

Watching your favorite movie is a lot fun, and the best way to enjoy that movie is with a loved one or friend. Going to the theaters is great, but watching movies at home gives them more freedom and helps them to feel relaxed.

Handwrite a personal note

Nothing shows how much you love someone or appreciate him or her, then handwriting a personal note. In today’s society we are so accustomed to sending emails and text messages, that we have forgotten how appreciative it would be if you write a note by hand. A handwritten note to your loved one or friend, will make them feel very loved, knowing that you took the time to handwrite your personal note to them.

Share your favorite sweets with them

Who doesn't love sweets? Sharing your favorite sweets can make you and your loved one feel so much better. Tasting your favorite chocolate, chewy candy, novelty candy, or sour candies can make your loved one feel happy.

Help with chores around the house

Doing daily chores to help around the house helps to keep your home clutter free. Your loved one or friend may be suffering from a chronic health condition and as a result they may not have the time to clean their house daily. This may be due to daily appointments and being in and out of the hospital. So by helping them with their daily chores, can work in their favor and lift the load off of their shoulders. They will love and appreciate this small gesture that you have done for them.

Dance and listen to your favorite songs together

Who doesn’t love dancing or listening to music? Enjoy your time with your loved one or friend by dancing to their favorite songs and listening to different their favorite genres of music. Enjoying the day by dancing and listening to music will help him or her to forget about their health condition for a moment and focus on being happy.

Become their wheels, drive them places

Sometimes having a chronic health condition can, immobilize you where you will sometimes have to rely on others for transportation. Be that someone to your loved one or friend and drive him or her places that they would like to go. This will show them that you want to spend time with them and you want to be there for him or her when they need some assistance.

Surprise them with flowers

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things on this earth. Surprising your loved one or friend with a few flowers will make their day and show them that you love him or her and appreciate them.

Give a massage or go to the spa

Giving someone a massage or even taking them to the spa can be a great stress-reliever. This will definitely make their day, and help them to feel at ease. There are so many benefits to a massage such as; reducing stress, muscle tension, reliving nerve pain, anxiety, and much more.

Share a smile, laugh or personal story

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Sharing stories can be so interesting especially if their funny ones. Making your loved one or friend laugh can brighten up their mood as well as yours.

Try some of these ways and let your loved one or friend, know how much you love and appreciate them. Have a great Valentine’s Day, and remember share your love with everyone.


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