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14 Adults with HIV Live Functionally Off Medication After Treatment Mirroring the HIV-cured Infant

Posted on Mar 18, 2013 11:16:42 AM by healtheo360

More great news in regards to the wining fight against HIV! Following the miraculous infant cured of HIV; recent reports demonstrate that a treatment not unlike the HIV-cure baby has the potential to cure adults as well. Like the previous case, early treatment is critical to a successful “cure.”

Pasteur Institute’s Dr. Asier Sáez-Cirión and his regulation of retroviral infection unit examined a group of 70 people with HIV who had been treated with antiretroviral vaccines (ARVs) around 35 days to 10 weeks after diagnosis, a significantly earlier than average treatment period.

The entirety of the observed group has had their vaccine regimes disrupted for various reasons, varying from personal choice to limits imposed by trial protocols.

The majority of the 70 people selected had relapsed in response to the interruption of their treatment. However, 14 of them (4 female and 10 male) were capable of staying off of ARV treatments without relapse.

These 14 adults in question, ill have traces of HIV in their blood, but in such a low level that their body can naturally keep itself in check.

"It's not eradication, but they can clearly live without pills for a very long period of time," stated Dr. Sáez-Cirión.

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