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2014: New Year Resolutions To Get Healthier

Posted on Jan 8, 2014 12:16:56 PM by healtheo360

New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions may be tough, but starting a new year always has an element of excitement wrapped up in its uncertainty. Thinking about what the following year can bring in terms of health, happiness and wealth is something we all think about and are hopeful these facets in our lives will undoubtedly improve. With that in mind we make resolutions to hold ourselves accountable for certain successes in the next 12 months. Studies have shown that visualizing positive outcomes can be a fantastic first step to attaining goals. So, don’t hold back this year. Think about ways to become better in every way you can without limitations.

It may seem overwhelming to list all the ways you want to improve, but there are ways to break down your objectives into manageable pieces. Here are a few examples of New Year’s Resolutions and tangible ways to incorporate them into your daily life without too much hassle. Upload your New Year's Health Resolution video for a chance to win a $100 gift card!

New Year Resolutions: Eat Healthier - Raw Food & More

New Year Resolution

We are all subject to cravings once in a while and do not have time to make elaborate dishes for every meal, but eating healthier does not need to be more time consuming or complicated. Raw foods are an excellent and easy way to gain more vitamins and minerals in your daily food intake. Grabbing a celery stick and peanut butter instead of making a peanut butter and jelly twice a week is a simple way to slowly add more raw food in your diet. There are also websites for healthier, easier recipes that do not require a hefty amount of ingredients and are wallet-friendly. Also, try substituting enriched white-flour pastas with other grains like quinoa, couscous or brown rice.


New Year Resolutions: Exercise

New Year Resolution

This may be the most popular resolution and the most dreaded. Adding time for exercise in your life can seem nearly impossible, but adding minimal amounts of time every week and increasing the time at your leisure can be less overwhelming and help you prioritize time on your terms. If your commute to work, think about parking your car a few blocks away from your workplace to squeeze in some walking time. Right after work, think about walking around the block once or twice just to get the blood flowing. Look for accessible parks where you can follow trails and be outside; fresh air may be the motivator you need to eventually join a gym and start a regiment.


New Year Resolutions: Trying New Foods

New Year Resolutions

Expanding the palette can be a great way to broaden your food knowledge and maybe even reconnect with old friends. Going out to eat or cooking with a new food item and having people over can be a wonderfully social way to try new things.

New Year Resolutions: Thinking Positively

New Year Resolution

Living in a day and age where everyone and everything seems to judge every decision you make and every physical aspect about yourself, it is no wonder we suffer from perpetually negative thoughts. In a study done by Masaru Emoto, positive thoughts were proven to have a beautiful effect on frozen water particles. Emoto photographed frozen water after playing good music and exposing the water to positive statements, transforming the frozen water particles into beautiful crystals under the microscope. If positive encouragement does that to water imagine what it can do for you! Having a positive outlook can drastically improve your life. Though it can be easier to dwell on what we do not have, building up the ability to always look at the “silver lining” is immensely helpful with improvement of one’s self.

New Year Resolutions: Travel More

New Year Resolutions

Traveling does not necessarily mean hopping on a plane every weekend or traveling long distances away from your home. Traveling can mean visiting the next town over or going to see friends that are close by. Start small with your traveling plans or plan a big trip months, even years in advance to give yourself something enjoyable to look forward to in the future. This is another way to reconnect with friends and maybe even make new ones!

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions do not need to be daunting this year! So, brush that dust off of those running shoes from last year, start looking for yummy healthy recipes and search out fun destinations to you want to visit. 2014 is your year!

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