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4 Natural Ways to Detox

Posted on Jul 4, 2014 11:04:49 AM by healtheo360

Have you thought about all the things our bodies are exposed to? Secondhand smoke, air pollution, EMFs, food additives, chemicals… the list goes on! Sooner or later, all of these toxins start to disrupt the natural functions of our bodies. More importantly, they can disrupt the very mechanisms our body uses to get rid of toxins in the first place!

4 Natural Ways to Detox

This is why detoxes are essential in maintaining good health. A proper detox will give your body a break from working overtime to keep your blood clean. You just have to go the extra mile with some clean choices.

If you are looking to do an easy detox, there is definitely more ways to do it than committing to a liquid diet or fasting for days. Detoxes, however, do require commitment for at least 5-7 days to allow the body to really clean out harmful toxins that it never had a chance to eliminate.

Here are some general rules for you to naturally detox your body!

Natural Ways to Detox #1 - Get out and Stay out!

It’s pretty obvious what’s not that great for our bodies. Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, saturated fats, and processed sugar are definite no-no’s when detoxing. Hanging around the smoker’s corner or eating burnt foods isn’t any good for us either. Keep any avoidable toxins away from your system to let your body eliminate the old ones.


Natural Ways to Detox #2 - You are what you eat

We’ve all heard that expression when gobbling down junk like a dripping slice of pizza or an entire bag of potato chips. So let’s eliminate any possibility of becoming a greasy, salty, or sugary slab by only ingesting clean foods.

Leafy greens filled with nutrients and fiber will help your body eliminate toxic waste much more effectively. Vitamin C, which can be found in many tropical fruits like pineapples or mangos, produces a liver compound that helps remove toxins. Aim to eat fresh, organic produce to give your body as much nutrients as possible without the extra chemicals and pesticides.


Natural Ways to Detox #3 - Hydrate

If you’ve got a bunch of sand in your mouth, the best way to get rid of it is with a fresh mouth rinse. This is the same for your body. All of the gunk that builds up needs to be flushed out and the only way to do it is to drink plenty of water. If you need a pick me up, drink a cup of green tea each day to cleanse your liver.


Natural Ways to Detox #4 - Work it out

Making wise food choices is a key part to detoxing since you are monitoring what goes into your body, yet many forget that exercise is another essential component of a total system cleanse. Many toxins will linger in our body due to blockages in our system so to promote better blood flow, breathing and sweat-inducing exercises will allow your body to naturally cleanse.

Another way to work out toxins is through massage or acupuncture. Massages increase blood flow to certain areas of the body or evenly distribute blood flow throughout. The ancient technique of acupuncture also creates balance in the body through pressure points. It may be worth it for you to try out one of these alternative forms of medicine during your natural detox.


A good rule of thumb for detoxing is to live as clean and as naturally as possible for a week or so by reducing the amount of toxins entering your body. One week of detoxing a year may just be your best option in combating the increasing amounts of toxins used in today’s industries and environment.

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