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5 Inspirational Comic Book Superheroes Who Overcome Adversity

Posted on Aug 24, 2013 6:40:00 AM by healtheo360

Superheroes are people we’ve all grown up admiring and appreciating in all their quirks and shortcomings. Going on a journey through comic books and movies, superheroes inspire and awe us with their amazing capabilities. When we see superheroes we especially admire we can see a little bit of ourselves in them. Superheroes are so captivating and mesmerizing, because they basically represent our population; people from so many different backgrounds. Below is a list of 5 inspirational comic book superheroes who overcome adversity.

Motivational & Marvelous Mavericks


Superheroes #1 - Daredevil

Superheroes_daredevilAfter an accident where Matt Murdock advantageously saved a man from being hit by a truck carrying toxic matter, he finds himself blinded by the truck’s contents. The accident heightened his other senses, giving him superhuman abilities. Murdock’s blindness does not stop him from training with a martial arts master and graduating with his juris doctorate degree from Columbia University. Daredevil’s desire to rid the streets of unfavorable activity stems from the law’s inability to prosecute the people behind his father’s murder. Not only does he fight crime in the streets but he has his own law practice where he is an avid defender of righteousness and civility.

"I told you before Bullseye..I never give up, that's why I always beat you." - Daredevil



Superheroes #2 - Charles Xavier

Superheroes_charles_xavierMore famously known as Professor X, Charles Xavier is one of the most pivotal characters in Marvel comics. He is the founder of what is now the Xavier Institute For Higher Learning and is one of the most powerful characters in the series. Growing up in an abusive home, Charles overcame adversity and went on to be a legendary scholar and military official. Later he became more involved in mutant affairs and in an important battle against a nefarious enemy, Professor X’s spine was shattered, confining him to a wheelchair. After this event he went on to mentor the X-Men we know today.

"The greatest power on Earth is the magnificent power we all of us possess... the power of the human brain!" - Professor X


Superheroes #3 - Echo

Superheroes_EchoEcho – A character in Daredevil, Maya Lopez was born deaf and was known as a prodigy due to her ability to playback a song played at a recital at a very young age. She was partial to dancing and music and began training as a fighter when she was older. She went on to help The Avengers beat many enemies despite.








Superheroes #4 - Artie Maddicks

Superheroes_Artie Maddicks

Artie Maddicks – Artie, a more elusive comic book character was born mute, and with physical mutations. Artie was able to communicate by projecting images with his mind. His father, Carl, spent his entire life trying to fix his son’s appearance, which tragically led to his death. Afterward, Artie went to live at the Academy in Massachusetts where he lived happily and made many friends.






Superheroes #5 - Cyclops

Superheroes_Scott_SummersCyclops – Otherwise known as Scott Summers, Cyclops is one of the oldest and most famous X-men characters. Before donning the famous headgear he uses to contain his optic blasts, Scott learned to function without opening his eyes. His mutation has rendered him colorblind and he cannot ever take off his eyewear. Despite his inconveniences Cyclops is the leader of the X-men an its first founding member.







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