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6 Ways to Quickly Heal a Wound

Posted on Sep 24, 2017 1:46:43 AM by healtheo360

Not all wounds will heal at the same rate. The healing process will be dependent on the severity of the injury and the area of the trauma. If you are struggling to say goodbye to a troublesome cut, read our six helpful tips on how to quickly heal a wound.hand wash

1. Wash Your Hands

Clean your hands with soap and warm water before you attempt to treat a cut, as this will decrease the likelihood of infection. You should then dry your hands with a clean paper towel. However, if the wound is located on your hand, we recommend keeping soap away from the cut, which will cause further irritation to the wound.

2. Rinse the Wound

Once you have washed your hands, clean the cut in warm tap water. Try to rinse away any debris that might be located inside the wound, so the foreign bodies will be washed away, which can also prevent infection. If warm water fails to wash away the debris, consider using tweezers that have been disinfected with rubbing alcohol to remove any foreign bodies. However, if you have a deep cut that continues to bleed or has obvious trauma, you must immediately seek medical attention for the appropriate treatment.bleeding

3. Stop the Bleeding

If the cut continues to bleed once you have washed it in warm water, it is recommended to add a sterile gauze to the area before applying pressure to the wound. Remove the gauze once the cut stops bleeding. Yet, you should never use a wiping motion on the cut, or you may open the wound further, which will slow down the healing process. If the wound continues to bleed for more than 10 minutes, seek medical help.

4. Apply Aloe Vera to Minor Wounds

Heal a minor wound by applying Aloe Vera to the area a few times per day. However, you should only apply aloe to a shallow cut. Never use Aloe Vera to treat a deep wound, such as a surgical wound, as it may slow the healing time. Aloe Vera can, however, moisturize your skin while reducing inflammation to the affected area.

5. Medihoney Paste9 Surprising Uses of Aloe Vera

Honey is well-known for its natural antibacterial properties, which is why you should consider applying a medihoney paste to a wound or burn. It is the ideal solution for dry and light exuding wounds, which are hard to dress, so it is an effective treatment option for wounds that are hard to heal. Not only can it be used during all stages of wound healing, but it can also strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier.

6. Low-Intensity Exercises

Did you know that low-intensity exercises could speed up the healing process? That’s because it can fight infection while reducing inflammation. Aim to enjoy 30 to 45 minutes of exercise each day up to three times per week, which will help your wounds to heal at a faster rate. Enjoy different moderate exercises, such as brisk walking, yoga, swimming, or cycling.

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