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7 Obscure Facts About Body Fat You Didn’t Know About

Posted on Jan 5, 2014 11:00:45 AM by healtheo360

We all dread over the word fat—a squishy blob that is formed from bad eating habits and not exercising can cause your body to store excess body fat. Having large amounts of body fat can lead to serious health risks, but here are 7 obscure facts about body fat that might surprise you.

Facts about body fat you didnt know about


1. There are 3 types of body fats
Each fat has their own function and color—white, brown, and beige. The body is made mostly from white fat, which stores extra calories and does not burn any calories unlike muscle. The brown fat is rich in blood supply and can burn calories and generate heat to help keep warm during winter, but sadly that only applies to mammals. Beige fat is in between white and brown fat with the function of burning calories. There has been evidence showing that by doing exercise, a hormone is triggered and turns white fat cells into beige ones!

2. The fat on your butt is healthier than the fat on your stomach
The stress hormone can cause extra fat on your stomach, compared to the fat in your butt. Belly fat is the worst kind of fat as inflammatory chemicals are produced that can make you more hungry or tired. Eating Omega 3’s from fish oil and probiotics from yogurt can reduce inflammatory chemicals.

3. You burn calories first before fat
Calories are burned first from stored body fat rather than burning fat. Weight loss takes time to burn enough calories in order to show results. The best workout for burning calories in a short period of time is high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT is switches from low intensity to high intensity workouts that can burn double the calories.

4. Body fat can affect your mood
Realizing you have put on a few pounds can put a damper on your mood. The inflammation hormone can be triggered from excess stomach fat and can cause mood disorders. Eating a square of dark chocolate or yogurt can help curb cravings as well as calm the inflammation to prevent overeating.

5. Skinny people can have cellulite too
Cellulite known as subcutaneous fat, is fat trapped under the skin that cause a “dimple” look. You don’t need a lot of fat to have cellulite on the back of your thighs or butt. Regular exercise or creams can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, although the creams doesn’t remove the cellulite.

6. Thinking can actually make you fat!
New research from Laval University in Canada concluded thinking and concentrating can make the body feel hungrier, resulting in eating more calories and gaining weight. The study involved several volunteers that had to do challenging tasks and found out the group ate 253 more calories in one meal compared to the group that were told to daydream.

7. How you lose body fat depends on your gender
Women tend to store more fat around their hips and thighs and men store extra fat around their abdomen. In order to lose 1 pound, you would have to burn 3,500 calories. Spot reduction does not work; meaning targeting a specific area is a myth and you need to lose weight overall to see changes. Also, the female breasts are made entirely of fat and they tend to reduce in size first before losing fat somewhere else.


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