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8 Reasons You Need To Get a Dog, Now

Posted on Aug 15, 2014, 9:53:55 AM by healtheo360

Every dog owner can agree that dogs are a great source of comfort. Not only can dogs provide health benefits, their devotion to you is more than you can ask for. Here are 8 reasons you need to get a dog, now.

reasons to get a dog now

1. Dogs can detect cancer

A dog’s sense of smell is way better than a human’s. Some dogs that are specially trained to detect cancer can tell from the smell of a person’s breath.


2. Dogs can have a calming effect

A study by Walker, a psychology professor at Buffalo University, proved dogs could reduce stress levels. He had volunteers’ count backwards starting from a high number and confirmed, the people who had dogs in the room had a lower stress response.


3. Dogs can prevent developing eczema at a young age

A recent study showed children who were allergic to dogs and lived with them during their first year, had a lower risk for developing a skin condition by the age of four. Cats on the other hand, showed the opposite effect and children had a higher chance to develop eczema.


4. No more loneliness

Life can get lonely and when you need a friend, a dog will be by your side. A study showed pet owners were 4 times less likely to develop depression.


5. Dogs can make you happier and help you lose weight

No more making excuses not to go to the gym, looking into those puppy eyes will make you get off the couch. A study from Azabu University in Japan showed oxytocin, a hormone, released feelings of happiness when looking in the eyes of a dog. The longer the stare, the happier you will feel!


6. Dogs can help us recover psychologically

Soldier who come home usually suffer from traumatic stress disorder. Robert Soliz, a veteran, struggled to live a normal life after the war and after spending weeks with his dog, he started to show affection again.


7. Dogs can detect foods you are allergic to first

Living with food allergies can be restricting and sometimes deadly. Puppies trained at Florida Canine Academy can use their high sense of smell to detect peanuts through candy bars or other foods; saving the lives of people who have severely allergies to peanuts.


8. Dogs can bring you potential love matches

A survey from Dog’s Trust, the largest dog charity in the United Kingdom, concluded pet owners were found more attractive and approachable. Also a survey from Klooff, a pet app, found the opposite gender can judge you from the breed of your dog. If a woman has a Chihuahua, she is viewed as easy and men with bulldogs are viewed as one night stands. Yet, women find men who own golden retrievers or labradors to be more attractive.


A dog can get expensive to take care off but the bond made can lead you to a healthier and joyful life!

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