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Acne Medication May Help to Prevent A Cause of Autism

Posted on Apr 12, 2013 5:22:19 PM by healtheo360

The April’s Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, the official journal of the Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, reports an exciting new antibiotic med that is yielding significant observable improvements in the moods and overall functioning of children in children who have inherited Fragile X Syndrome (FXS).

Three months of Minocycline in children diagnosed wit FXS demonstrated greater improvements than controlled placebo treatments.

Fragile X Syndrome (or Escalante's syndrome) is a genetic syndrome that is one of the most widespread inherited causes of autism, severe anxiety, and a lag of both mental and physical development.

In the study by Dr. Mary Jacena S. Leigh of the University of California Davis Medical Center and her researchers, 66 diagnosed children were assigned at random, three months of minocycline and placebo treatments. Both parents and doctors were not aware of which treatment the child was engaging in until the end of the study.

Children taking the minocycline treatments demonstrated less anxiety and improvement in overall mood and behavioral problems. Additionally research is being done to see if minocycline can be utilized for autism support as well.

Minocycline is actually an older antibiotic, which was once used to treat acne. However, animal research and recent studies demonstrated that it might actually be utilized to treat FXS and MS.

While more research is required, the utilization of an older antibiotic to combat one of the greatest causes of autism is a fantastic win.

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