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Winter Blues: 5 Fun Ways to Beat Them

Posted on Jan 30, 2015 10:55:19 AM by healtheo360

After the holidays are over, the persisting winter weather becomes less magical and more aggravating. The snow that was once beautiful begins to feel like more of a nuisance. However, instead of letting the winter blues get to you—start enjoying some fun indoor activities. Take advantage that you can’t go outside and try out some new things. You might begin to forget about the bad weather, and spring will arrive in no time. Here are some ideas to keep you keeping the winter fun after the holidays:

Fun Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

1. Beat the Winter Blues with a dinner party

Sometimes they can be hard to plan, but dinner parties are a great way to socialize and get friends together for a fun evening. Have everyone bring a dish if that makes it easier, or if you like, spend the day cooking up a storm. Try out something new—cook an innovative dish or make a new drink. Spend the night playing games, and everyone will forget how cold and miserable it is outside. This is an awesome way to kick those winter blues.

2. Decorate a new place in your home

Do you have a blank wall in your house or apartment? Spend a weekend, or longer, figuring out creative ways to fill that space. Put up a photo collage, some flowers—or find some awesome way to brighten it up. If you have to be inside for the next few months, you should enjoy what you are looking at!

3. Get a cool hobby

This might be redundant, but a cool way to spend the winter and beat the winter blues is finding something new to do or work on. Learn how to play chess, bridge, or mahjong—with your friends or with a class. Start doing some family genealogy research or scrapbook to save family memories.

4. Drink wine and paint at home

Wine and painting parties have become all the rage. This winter, it might be fun to have you own. Buy your own wine and paint supplies—and grab a few friends to have a wine painting night. Or, go solo, and just have a night pretending you are Picasso. Even if you are a horrible painter it will be fun to do something different and step outside of the box.

5. But…try to be outside

Sunlight is important, especially in the winter when you get so much less of it. As cold as it is: go outside and bundle up. Try to get some direct sunlight, which is important for your body physically and mentally. Go ice-skating outside somewhere or a fun walk with friends. Make it enjoyable and you might forget how cold it is!

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