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Beauty Tips for this Winter

Posted on Dec 11, 2015 6:00:38 AM by healtheo360

Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip 1 : Flaky Face (Moisturize)

If you are experiencing a flaky face during the winter season, it may be a result of the products that you are using that may contain alcohol. Instead use a gentle cleanser and rich moisturizer. However, if your skin is sensitive used an oil-based moisturizer, rather than water-based moisturizer. Moisturizing is the best way to keep your face from flaking up during the winter season.

Beauty Tip 2 : Chapped Lips

When your lips are dry and chapped, many people lick their lips. This is a common habit, which may seem helpful, but is not. Instead, exfoliating the dry skin off of your lips will help, to start the treatment process. Next using a moisturizing treatment on your lips can help to hydrate and restore moisture to your lips. Some great lip treatments that will help to hydrate your lips are, Burt's Bees Lip Balm, Blister Deep Renewal Lip Balm, and Beessential Lip Balm.

Beauty Tip 3 : Dry hands

The skin on your hands is thin compared to other parts of your body. Therefore, it is harder to keeps your hands moist during the cold, dry weather, which results in dry hands. For extra moisture you can apply a thick layer of hand cream, rubbing it into your hands before going to bed every night. Moisturizing your hands frequently throughout the day can help to combat the dryness during the winter season.

Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip 4 : Keep Showers Short

During the winter many people love to take long hot showers, not realizing the affect it would have on their skin. Taking long showers can strip your skin of its natural oils and can cause your skin to become dry. To avoid this showering to the maximum of 10 minutes, can help to prevent your skin from drying out.

Beauty Tip 5 : Combating Dry Hair

During the cold weather, your hair can get extremely dry. Shampooing less and deep conditioning your hair once a week will help with dryness in your hair. This can help to also soften up your hair if it is feeling dry and brittle.

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