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How To Become a Morning Person

Posted on Jan 8, 2015 3:45:15 PM by healtheo360

The sun is shining. It’s morning and it’s time to wake up. Need a few more minutes of sleep? Here’s how to skip the snooze button and get ready for the day.

How To Become a Morning Person

· How To Become a Morning Person Rule #1: Set your motive

Waking up to something, such as a goal may give you a reason to wake up early. A goal could be having a little extra time to cook a healthier breakfast or to work out in the morning.

·How To Become a Morning Person Rule #2: Bite the bullet

If you usually press the snooze button to get a few more minutes of sleep, it might become a bad habit. When you wake up, you’re likely in a light sleep stage however, going back to sleep can send you into a deeper sleep and then it’ll become harder to wake up. So you’re better off just getting out of bed.

·How To Become a Morning Person Rule #3: Alarm sounds

Waking up to a more pleasant alarm in the morning can make an impact on how you feel when you wake up. Try experimenting with the alarm sound, timing, and location of your alarm clock so that you can make waking up more relaxing.

·How To Become a Morning Person Rule #4: Brighten up

The sun can be reliable source to waking up. If you want to become a morning person, open your curtains before sleeping, waking up to darkness can send a signal to your brain that it’s still night.

·How To Become a Morning Person Rule #5: Exercise in the morning

Your energy levels and willpower are at the highest in the mornings, so why not use it for exercise? Morning exercise can give you extra energy for the day and by the time it’s evening, you won’t find yourself having to find an excuse to not exercise.

·How To Become a Morning Person Rule #6: Establish a routine

By establishing a routine, it can help our bodies prepare for what’s to come. If the body gets used to waking up at a certain time every morning, it makes the mind realize it’s time to wake up.

·How To Become a Morning Person Rule #7: Wake up to a healthy breakfast

We’ve heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whole grains with protein will give you that boost of energy to keep you going all morning.



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