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Best Health Apps & Gadgets For A Better You

Posted on Jan 23, 2014 5:33:54 AM by healtheo360

Top 5 Health Apps and Gadgets

With the New Year comes new progress and an excitement to dedicate more time to a better you. Luckily, there are apps and gadgets that can aid you in your positive changes and help you keep track of your successes. Who knows what new advancements technology will bring in 2014, but here are some health-related apps and gadgets that are available now or in the very near future!

Best Health Apps & Gadgets

Basis B1 Tracking Band

best health apps Basis B1 Tracking Band

Tracking your sleep patterns is an important part of your overall health. Scientists have concluded that a good night’s sleep is among one of the most accessible, simple ways to improve your health. There is a healing/regenerative aspect of sleep that a lot of people are lacking due to stress, sleep disorders, etc.

With this health tracker by Basis, you can track not only your physical activity, but a new update coming January 21st has made it easy to track your sleep patterns. This tracker update can figure out the phases of your sleep, such as light, deep or REM (rapid-eye movement). The tracker looks like a watch and has sensors on the inside of it to track your pulse and other significant data to give you a full picture of your day-to-day activity and starting January 21st, your sleep patterns, too! With the information it collects, the Basis tracking system encourages routine by suggesting ways on how you can improve your daily habits.

Best Health Apps & Gadgets

Whole Foods Market Recipe App

Best Health Apps & Gadgets Whole Foods Market Recipe App

Eating healthy can be tough without a little guidance. Luckily, with the Whole Foods Market recipes app, you can choose recipes while you are shopping and get a list of ingredients right in the palm of your hand! If you are looking for something healthy to cook with what you already have there is an option to plug those ingredients in the app to create a healthy meal.

Best Health Apps & Gadgets

My Diet Coach

Best Health Apps & Gadgets My Diet Coach

Dieting an be a pain when you get major cravings and all you want to do is give in to them. My Diet Coach is an app designed to be your own personal motivator. With helpful suggestions and motivational messages, the app is solely focused on keeping you on the right track toward your healthy end goal. This app does not track physical activity or monitor your diet, but it may be that voice of reason you need when that red velvet cake craving persists.

Best Health Apps & Gadgets

Prêt-à-Yoga App

Best Health Apps& Gadgets Prêt-à-Yoga App

Starting to do yoga for the first time can seem a bit intimidating, but there is a free app available to give you pointers and help you with poses, giving you both visual and audio instructions. There is no need to be shy about beginning yoga, but this app may give you the slight confidence booster you need to achieve your fitness goals!

Best Health Apps & Gadgets

Screeneye X

Best Health Apps & Gadgets  Screeneye X

An arm band might not be the best accessory for you to track your fitness progress, but there is a visor called Screeneye X by O-Sync, which records various aspects of your running stats, including pace, heart rate, distance, and lap times. This gadget is definitely more for when you are actually working out as opposed to the Basis tracking system which collects more data and requires you to wear it more frequently to track daily routine. The visor is perfect for those who are just looking to see how they are performing in the moment as there is a screen on the inside of the visor, giving you the training data.

Good Luck!

There are so many more gadgets and apps out there to help you with your fitness commitments. The best thing to do is pick one that you feel the most comfortable with and feel you would actually benefit from and use. These are merely tools to help you become a better you!

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