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Bizarre Eating Habits Facts

Posted on Sep 10, 2014 3:48:07 PM by healtheo360

We’ve all met the super picky eater or the person who won’t eat their food if the greens are touching the main course. Though you may not have heard about these other bizarre eating facts that will have you question your iron stomach.

Bizarre Eating Habits Facts

Bizarre Eating Habits #1

Pica describes a range of abnormal eating habits where one consumes non-food items from fingernails to even the Eiffel Tower (yes, that happened). In some severe cases, people will become obsessed with eating just about anything.


Bizarre Eating Habits #2

Xylophagia is another form of pica, but is specific to eating wood. So if you enjoyed eating a chunk of your pencil at school, you might have the same eating habits as a termite or beaver.


Bizarre Eating Habits #3

Your may have been told at some point to stop chewing your hair. This may have been for the best to keep you from developing tricophagia, or the habit of eating hair. In one extreme case, a woman ate so much of her hair that surgeons removed an enormous hairball from her digestive system.


Bizarre Eating Habits #4

Morgan Spurlock spent a month eating only McDonald’s for the documentary Super Size Me. Now imagine eating a McDonald’s Big Mac once a day for 40 years. That’s exactly what Guinness World Record holder Donald A. Gorske with 26,000 Big Macs.


Bizarre Eating Habits #5

Belize holds the record for most sugar consumed per capita (138lbs). For some, that’s eating their weight in sugar. America doesn’t fall too short from the record with 130lbs of sugar eaten per person.


Bizarre Eating Habits #6

If you’ve gone into the fridge for a nighttime snack, it’s alright we’ve all done it before. For some people, they just can’t help but eat the most before they go to bed. This is known as night eating syndrome where one consumes the most of their caloric intake at night.


Bizarre Eating Habits #7

If those few jalapeno slices had your mouth fire, imagine eating a fresh jalapeno pepper. Now imagine how Alfredo Hernandes scarfing down 16 of those peppers in one minute, setting the world record.


Bizarre Eating Habits #8

Who knew there was such a thing as eating too healthy? Orthorexia describes those who are highly committed to eating healthy foods 24/7 without diverting away from their nutritional plans.


Bizarre Eating Habits #9

Gummy worms are the closest most people want to get to eating the real thing. One man in India, C. Manoharan, managed to stuff 200 worms in just 30 seconds!


Bizarre Eating Habits #10

An eating habit that is commonly found in those with eating disorders is chewing and spitting. People with this disorder take a few chews of their savory and delicious meal only to spit it out to avoid the calories.

Turns out there are a lot more out there just than eating foods that are primary colors. What are YOUR bizarre eating habits?

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