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Bodybuilding for Beginners: How to Prepare for Fitness

Posted on Nov 21, 2014, 12:50:04 PM by healtheo360

Are You Ready For Weight Lifting?

Bodybuilding for Beginners

There are specific goals in the realm of bodybuilding and weight lifting; such as strength training, weight loss, lean muscle gain, and overall fitness. In addition to this, beginners should focus on the purpose of weightlifting in terms of form versus function.


Bodybuilding for Beginners: How to Prepare for Fitness

Bodybuilding for Beginners Tip #1 Form vs. Function

Form is what most individuals aim for; having a great, healthy, sexy looking body that is appealing. If you look good, you feel good. There is nothing wrong about this, as people always want to improve themselves.

Whereas function, is to prepare for specific events or competitions; such as for sports like football or realizing the most one can lift in a single repetition. This is generally the route for advanced bodybuilders and athletes that are striving to lift heavier weights to attain personal records or win championships/trophies.

Bodybuilding for Beginners Tip #2 Avoiding Injury

For most beginners, adapting to certain muscle movements is difficult and it may put stress upon the joints. It is highly recommended to start off with machines for assistance before getting into the natural movements. Most importantly, lifting heavy weights is not important at this point. It is crucial to perfect the proper form for an exercise before having the desire to work harder.

Range of motion is how far you can move your joints in different directions. Proper movement can help keep your joints flexible, reduce pain, and improve balance and strength. When lifting weights the proper range of motion must be fulfilled for optimal muscle growth in a specific body part. Otherwise, some other body parts may be worked on when they are intended for another day. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself from lifting to heavy or not doing an exercise properly.

Bodybuilding for Beginners Tip #3 Safety

Never wear open toed shoes when going to the gym. Don’t give yourself any reason to inflict pain upon yourself even by accident. As mentioned before, do not start lifting heavy until your body and joints are fully prepared.

Finally, once you have figured out your goal and thought about how you can achieve them, then it is time to get your gear ready and prepare to dive into the world of fitness!


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