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10 Health Hacks To Boost Your Health This Week And Next

Posted on Aug 3, 2015 12:00:34 AM by healtheo360

boost your health

Being 'healthy' doesn’t mean you have to exercise at the crack of dawn or have a ‘strictly salad’ diet.

Developing small healthy habits build into a massive boost for your mental and physical health. These healthy habits will not only have you feeling healthier, happier and more energetic – applying these small habit changes consistently will do wonders for especially if you’re trying to lose weight!

1. Make Sleep/ Rest A Priority

Not that you need to hear it again but the more you neglect your ‘sleepy time’, the more your health will be affected. In fact, poor sleep increases your risk for disease, causes weight gain and saps your energy. Aim for seven to nine hours sleep every night and stick to a consistent daily schedule.

2. Eat Mindfully To Boost Your Health and Your Mood

Note here how we say mindfully. In today’s fast-paced, always plugged in world, we tend to rush eating. Slowing down while eat will help you relax and truly enjoy what you’re eating. The concept of mindful eating has its roots in Buddhist teachings. Mindful eating is not a diet or about giving up anything, it’s about rediscovering a healthier, more enjoyable way to eat. So much so that Dr. Lillian Cheung, a Harvard nutritionist passionately encourages corporations and health care providers to try it [with their employees or clients].

3. Stay Active

Here at healtheo360, we love to encourage our members to carve out at least 30min a day to work out. So get out there and walk, run or bike! Your mind, body (and waistline) will thank you for it. You can find some of our fitness guides and suggestions here and here.


4. Stay Hydrated

From helping you burn more calories to detoxing and boosting energy, water is supported by dieticians and nutritionists as the ultimate elixir. Spice it up with these tips for tasty summer beverages to keep you hydrated.


5. Stand More

That one Bob Marley song ‘Get up, stand up!” comes to mind. The evidence is pilling up that too much sitting can take a serious toll on your health. One recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, prolonged sitting increases your risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and early death - even in people who get regular exercise. But you can instantly fix that! Take five from sitting on that chair/ couch and move around the office during the day. You can also stand instead of sit on the bus or train.


6. Drop The Soda

Time to rethink your drink. High fructose corn syrup in a single can of soda is equal to about 9 and 1/2 teaspoons of sugar. Even diet do can hurt your diet. Try to cut soda out of your diet over 30 days. If you have a daily soda habit, try substituting it with carbonated water flavored with fresh fruit. It will have way less sugar and also, you’ll take pride in your homemade soda alternative that’s actually healthier for you.

boost your health

7. Carve Out Some ‘Me Time’

We all get stressed but often don’t take the time to de-stress and reenergize. Especially now with the warm (read hot and muggy but we have some tips to stay cool here). Take a break from staring at your computer screen, read a book, cue some of your favorite tunes – whatever you have to do shut off your mind and depressurize for a few minutes.


boost your health8. Spend Time With Family or Friends

Your emotional health is linked to your physical health. Not only can spending time with family and friends be fun, studies show that healthy relationships make aging and indeed growing up more wholesome and enjoyable. It also boosts camaraderie to help you reach personal or professional goals. Having a strong support system helps lessen grief and being social boosts your immune system. So go forth and be a good friend!


boost your health9. HIIT It Up! (For a Few seconds!)

It sounds like something out of a rap song; it’s not. High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT done in 30-second bursts can help increase cardio health and lower cholesterol levels. Definitely good to know if you're aiming to boost your health. A good starting point is the 7-minute workout  which involves HITT exercises.  Just right for even the busiest of people to still maintain a healthy routine.


boost your health10. Have A Produce Party

Sadly, American’s (only 1 in 10 in each state) aren’t getting anywhere near the daily recommended fruits and vegetables, a new government health report finds. Here’s s suggestion, this week, prep some fruit and veggies so you can snack on them through out the week.  Just adding five servings a week of fruits and vegetables lowers your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other health conditions. While not a produce party as the headline suggests, think of it as a way to reduce the temptation to grab higher-calorie and less nutritious food options and boost your health and lifestyle.

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