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Common Winter Sports Injuries

Posted on Dec 21, 2015 12:10:39 AM by healtheo360


Common Winter Sport Injury

1. Common Winter Sport Injury #1: Damaged ACL

Damaging your ACL is one of the most common injuries for skiing. Twenty-one percent of individuals damage their ACL. Your ACL is the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee. This knee injury accounts for around 40 % of all sports injuries. When skiing most people squat, and extend their uphill arm behind them, and put their weight on the inside edge of their downhill ski, twisting their knee. However, this can be avoided in skiing by first squatting to keep you from falling. Next, quickly pulling in your skies and then flexing your knees and extended your arms in front of you.

2. Common Winter Sport Injury #2: Damaged MCL

Your MCL helps your leg from over-extending inward, but also helps to stabilize the knee. Medial collateral ligament also known as your MCL is a broad thick band that runs down your inner part of your knee. 12 % of people that damage their MCL during skiing normally fall forward and catch the ski’s tip’s inside edge, stressing your knee’s MCL.

3. Common Winter Sport Injury #3: Wrist Injury

When most people fall, they automatically use their hands to help them with the fall. A wrist injury normally happens when you fall on an outstretched hand. The best way to prevent a wrist injury is by not stretching out your hands first. Try to land more on your side of your upper back, if possible.

4. Common Winter Sports Injury #4: Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain can happen numerous ways, especially if you’re participating in a winter sport. One way it can happen by an unbalanced landing, and then twisting your ankle.

More than 440,000 people were treated at hospitals, doctor's offices, and emergency rooms for winter sports-related injuries in 2010, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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