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How to Cut Down Sugar Intake?

Posted on Jul 30, 2014 2:48:31 PM by healtheo360

Looking to live a healthier lifestyles? Cut out the amount of sugar you eat daily. It might be hard to eliminate sugar completely so consider some alternatives first. You'll feel better through out the day and in the long run without all the extra sugar coursing through your body.

How to cut down on sugar


How to Cut Down Sugar Intake Tip #1- Cut down on processed and packaged foods. Try to purchase groceries with the least amount of sugar possible. Sugar is found in all kinds of packaged products including salad dressings, spaghetti sauces and soups.

How to Cut Down Sugar Intake Tip #2- When craving a sweet treat, indulge in a high-quality you can afford. One high-quality chocolate will go farther than little cookies that aren’t that good.

How to Cut Down Sugar Intake Tip #3-Most work offices and other business sites have hard candy, doughnuts and other sweets around the office. While these sweets may be free, in the long run they are cheap calories and will reap havoc on your body and healthy.

How to Cut Down Sugar Intake Tip #4-Remove the candy jar from the convenient place you have it stored at work, school or home. Just by moving it across the room will reduce your sugar intake as you are less likely to have a piece of candy if it isn’t in arms reach.

How to Cut Down Sugar Intake Tip #5-Know the names of sugars. Fructose, glucose, lactose, maltodextrin, and dextrose are sugars that you may find in your foods. Read labels and look for these names.

How to Cut Down Sugar Intake Tip #6-Soda could be called liquid candy considering the amount of sugar in a can of soda. One can of soda is more than the daily serving size of sugar. Gatorade is also full of sugar. If you are exercising, your body will appreciate what Gatorade has to offer but Gatorade isn’t a good drink simply because you are thirsty.

How to Cut Down Sugar Intake Tip #7-Breakfast foods are loaded with sugar. Doughnuts, muffins, cereals, frappuccinos, and smoothies are all considered breakfast foods in America. Starting your morning with sugar will negatively effect your energy for the day.

How to Cut Down Sugar Intake Tip #8-Enjoy fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. Apples will give you the sweet taste you crave along with vitamins and fiber. Other natural sugars include honey, maple syrup and molasses. While these foods aren’t as healthy as fruit, they are a step up from candy.

How to Cut Down Sugar Intake Tip #9-Don’t use your daily caffeine be an excuse to consume sugar. Drink your coffee and tea without sugar. This can help you cut out a couple of teaspoons of sugar a day. Ordering black coffee is also cheaper than ordering a sugar filled drink!

How to Cut Down Sugar Intake Tip #10-If you need something sweet through out the day, keep gum on hand. Healthier than candies and other sweets, gum will give you the sweetness you need and keep your mouth busy. Other snack alternatives are peanut butter and crackers, freeze-dried fruit, trail mix, fruit slices and unsweetened applesauce.

Cutting out sugar can be hard. We all enjoy something sweet and sugar is an ingredient in many different foods. Try an alternative to an unhealthy snack, read labels carefully and when cooking, use as little sugar as possible!

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