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Diabetes Blog Week 2015 Day 1: I Can Still Pursue My Dreams

Posted on May 12, 2015 5:02:16 PM by healtheo360




At healtheo360, our goal is to help people who are living with a chronic condition, or their caregivers, family, and friends.

We try to do this by offering inspiration, motivation, and support. However, we cannot help but to feel inspired, motivated, and supported from our community as well.

There are many members in our community who don’t let diabetes define who they are or what they can and cannot do. Everyone seems to take living with diabetes in stride and simply adjust their schedules to accommodate the new steps they need to take before embarking on an activity.

Members within our community who continue to travel the world despite living with diabetes inspire us. We’ve learned many tips from these members about planning properly so that you have all the supplies you could possibly need – and how to manage the situation with a certain level of cool if you don’t. Members who continue to play school sports inspire us. Not only have we learned a great deal about managing one’s blood sugar before, during, and after physical activity, but also how to be one’s own advocate and let teachers and coaches know if a break is needed.

We also personally know many people living with diabetes who run marathons, take care of growing families, bike great distances, continue on to received PhD’s, lead companies to greatness, and so much more. “Can do” attitudes such as these are not only empowering and inspiring, but also incredibly contagious!




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