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Exciting New Changes to healtheo360

Posted on Oct 9, 2012, 12:30:32 PM by healtheo360

In order to better serve the healtheo360™ community, we have improved several functions of the site: Keep watching, as more exciting changes are on the way.


- Storybooks are no more!

We listened to your feedback and now the cluttered story categorization is gone! Rather than following an individual’s storybook, you can now follow the individual user and get easy access to all of their stories (both video and journal) at once.  All of your stories can now be viewed from your profile page, organized by story type and format.


- Family Link!

You can now invite your friends and family to make new profiles and merge them with your own! By utilizing our new Family Link option through your account settings, you can merge your stories with those of your loved ones.


- Support Group Landing Page

Support groups have been streamlined! Everything you need in one spot! Easy to find! Easy to connect!


- New Conditions

Can’t find your Condition? That’s because you haven’t uploaded it yet! New Conditions can be added when you upload your story.  Now, when you go through the process of uploading content, you will have the option to tag it with any Condition you can imagine. When you do, the new Condition will join the list on the front page!


- Coming Soon! Activity Stream!

Keep your eyes peeled for healtheo360™’s new activity stream. All of your subscriptions, support groups, and comments will soon be accessible through an easy to read and fluid Activity Stream.

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