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Exercise and Workout Equipment

Posted on Nov 21, 2014 2:30:13 PM by healtheo360

Exercise and Workout Equipment

Exercise and Workout Equipment

Exercise and Workout Equipment #1: Proper Clothing

Now that you are ready to begin your path towards your goals, it’s time you suit up and look like you belong in the gym. Get out there and gear up with the proper exercise and workout equipment! You don’t want to come to the gym looking like a novice.  People have gone to the gym wearing the most ridiculous outfits; winter boots, board shorts, slippers, and much worse.

Instead, purchase some compression clothing or clothes that absorb moisture and keep you dry. Shorts and sweatpants shouldn’t be too long or too short. Especially on the treadmill, longer pants put you at risk of tripping. Bring a change of clothes with you for after the gym, whether you are showering or not. Finally, don’t forget to bring a towel.

Exercise and Workout Equipment #2: Sneakers

Unless you plan on lifting weights of Olympic caliber, you don’t need to purchase specific weight lifting shoes Lightweight running shoes without a heel or platform are definitely comfortable for cardiovascular and lifting exercises. However, some exercises like squatting and deadlifting call for completely flat shoes like Chuck Taylor Converses. Going barefoot is another alternative just for these workouts!

Exercise and Workout Equipment #3: Safety Gear

When weight lifting you may put excess strain on your back, which will hinder your form and seriously injure you. A padded belt will prevent lower back pain during heavier lifts and can also help you lift more. It does inhibit the workout of the core or abs however, but safety is key.

You may develop calluses due to the pressure from gripping weights and other equipment. To prevent this and keep your palms and fingers soft, invest in a pair of workout gloves or grip pads. Wrist straps are also supplemental to reduce wrist and forearm strain.

Monitors and Tracking

It is important to measure and keep a track on calories, steps taken, heart rate, sleep activity, and of course time. Go the extra mile and buy a Fitbit or Jawbone to track your activity. If you just want some simpler wrist wear, go with a shockproof sports watch.


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