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Why Exhibiting Extreme Patience at Work May Cause You to Become a Thrill-Seeking Hobbyist

Posted on Aug 7, 2017 5:31:49 AM by Team healtheo360

If you have the type of job that requires you to be the voice of reason, jumping out of an airplane might start to sound like a good idea. Welcome to the world of part-time thrill seekers, who often put on a three-piece suit or even hospital scrubs in their primary lives. Realize that thrill-seeking can consist of everything from base jumping to surfing to free running. You might find that taking up snowboarding between completing DNP executive leadership programs online gives you the boost that you need to be dedicated to your studies all semester. There are lots of medical professionals, educators, accountants, and even librarians who don’t fret at the thought of putting on a wetsuit and going deep-sea diving with giant sharks. The personality of thrill-seekers is much the same.

Revisiting What Thrill Seeking Really Isthrill seeker

There is the ‘Point Break’ type of thrill seekers who are modeled as adrenaline-junkies, who can’t wait to get their next fill. Most see this group as being young men, most of whom have never had their own homes let alone a full-time job. The fact of the matter is that being a thrill seeker doesn’t require you to be young, male, or financially irresponsible. There are grandmothers who skydive on the weekends after they’ve put in a full 24-hour shift as the head NICU nurse at their jobs.

What Thrill Seeking Isn’t

People who enjoy adrenaline aren’t trying to hurt themselves, but they do understand the risks. Thrill seekers tend to be people who always come to a full stop at stop signs and recognize that there’s danger in every part of life. They’re also often the people that you’d least suspect. Talk to your co-workers about what online doctoral nursing programs they’re considering and you may be shocked when the conversation segues to BMX racing and skateboarding.

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Is Thrill Seeking Becoming Conventional?

Have you seen the newest roller coasters that turn riders upside down and take them on a screaming trip forwards and backward? What about movies in the theaters that are so scary that paramedics have to be called? Modern society is filled with thrill seekers, even if most of them don’t like to leave the chairs that they are sitting in. You can find thrill seekers everywhere, packing up their snowboards, getting ready to learn how to fly planes, and getting on jet skis for the first time.

You yourself might be a thrill seeker if you enjoy the rush that comes when you get excited, scared, or take a risk that your friends think you’re crazy for taking. Thrill-seeking for you might be as simple as going sledding in your backyard and it might be jumping headfirst into a lake. Being an adrenaline-junkie doesn’t mean that you’re crazy, suicidal, or engaging in unsafe behaviors, but it does mean that you have a serious love affair with exploring the unknown and taking calculated risks again and again.

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