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Exotic Eats Around the World

Posted on Sep 29, 2014 10:20:21 AM by healtheo360

Got an adventurous palate? How do you feel about maggots and cheese? Or super pungent odors? Well, if you’re up for new tastes and have a stomach made of steel, have a go at some of these exotic eats from around the world!

Exotic Eats Around the World


Exotic Eats Around the World #1.Kobe Beef, Japan

Let’s start off with a simple cut of beef. Except there’s nothing simple about the kobe beef that comes directly from the Hyogo prefecture of Japan. While most of the breeding trades of the Wagyu cow remain secret, it is known that these cattle receive special diets and treatment such as beer and massages. It’s no surprise that their luxurious living makes for a luxury beef. The beef’s bright color and rich marbling make it a must-have delicacy.

Exotic Eats Around the World #2.Balut,Philippines

Snacking on hard-boiled eggs isn’t all that strange. That is until you find a cooked duck embryo underneath the shell. A popular snack from the Philippines, these duck eggs are enjoyed by slurping the broth and then dipping the yolk and/or duckling in seasoning.

Exotic Eats Around the World #3.Sannakji,Korea

Brace yourself, before this dish braces onto your tongue. Sannakji is a Korean dish comprised of live or freshly cut octopus. If eaten whole, Koreans will traditionally pick up the tiny octopus, swirl the legs around their chopsticks, and dunk them into a chili sauce before engaging in a long, sensational chew. Even after the octopus is cut up, the wriggling legs may instinctively suction onto your tongue.

Exotic Eats Around the World #4.Durian, Southeast Asia

These large spikey fruits are known to most Southeast Asians as the “King of Fruits,” but once you cut into this pungent fruit, you’ll swear they grew from a pauper’s chamber pot. Once you get past the overwhelming smell, try a bite of the raw cheese-like flesh and find out if you’re on Team Durian.

Exotic Eats Around the World #5.Rocky Mountain Oysters, USA

Before you start pouring out some Tabasco and lemon juice, let’s be clear about these so-called oysters. This dish, however, is actually not made of those slurpable mollusks. They’re made from the tender nether-regions of bulls that have been freshly castrated. Sliced, battered, and deep-fried, these bull testes are a specialty from the Treasure State, Montana.

Exotic Eats Around the World #6.Casu Marzu, Italy

Most people would “bug out” if they saw creepy crawlies in their food, but the people of Sardinia, Italy happily dig into a special sheep’s cheese riddled with live larvae. After fermenting the cheese, the crust is popped open and flies lay their eggs in the center. When hatched, the larvae will eat and digest the cheese giving it its strong flavor and smooth texture. Don’t be surprised when the casu marzu comes out with a live garnish!

Exotic Eats Around the World #7.Fugu, Japan

Prepare to feel alive with this next dish. Fugu, also known as blowfish, is a delicacy in Japan, but comes with a warning label. This fish contains tetrodotoxin, a poisonous and paralyzing substance, which is why it is served only after a trained sushi chef properly cuts and prepares it. Some restaurants in Japan will even leave small amounts of tetrodotoxin to give a light buzz.

Exotic Eats Around the World #8.Cupuacu, South America

This treat isn’t a thrill ride like the other exotic foods listed here, but it is probably something you’ve never tried before. Cupuacu (coo-poo-ah-soo) is fairly large fruit that has a hard shell like a coconut. Inside are seeds covered in a pulp that resemble brie. Since cupuacu is part of the cacao family, the seeds can even be made into chocolate! Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it may become the next acai berry trend.

Exotic Eats Around the World #9.Escargot, France

France is the fine culinary capital of the world. From baguettes to wine, everything you eat will put your palate on a heavenly roller coaster ride. One delicacy in particular is escargot. Yes, snails. But they’re snails cooked in a delicious pool of garlic, butter, and parsley. They even have special utensils to hold the shells! You’ll be having so much fun eating them that you’ll forget that they ate through your lettuce patch.

Exotic Eats Around the World #10.Century Eggs, China

Want some green eggs with your ham? The name says it all, but instead of a century, these eggs are preserved in a solution made of salt, clay, and ash. After a few months, the egg whites turn into a dark jello-like substance with a creamy yolk center.

If you’re thinking that some of these foods are a bit farfetched, you’re not alone. But hey, if some people in the world find them good enough for seconds, they just might be worth trying!

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