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Festival Checklist: What to Bring This Summer

Posted on Jul 1, 2014 2:57:01 PM by healtheo360

Festival Checklist: The Do’s and Don’ts

Prepare for an unforgettable weekend with the essential Festival Checklist. Get the most out of the festival season by knowing what to bring and what to do.


Festival Checklist


Oh, H2O: Dancing around for hours on end in the blazing sun will quickly dehydrate you. Grab a few gulps of water every 30 minutes or so to keep you happy and hydrated! Don’t wait until you’re that person who faints in a sea of people.

Pssst! - You can refill Camelbaks, water bottles, and other drinking containers at the many water refill stations on the site!


Sunscreen is Your Friend: The music won’t be the only thing blasting at the festival. If you’re lucky to have clear skies, you can bet the sun will be with you throughout the day. Sunburns HURT, but it won’t hurt you to apply some sunscreen a few times a day!

Pssst! - Hats can be stylish and functional additions to your festival checklist


Comfy Sneaks: Nothing is better than a train of people stepping on your foot as they scooch through the crowd. Protect your feet by keeping them covered! Forget about stilettos and sandals, comfortable sneakers are IN for the festival season! After spending hours upon hours standing and dancing by the stages, your feet will thank you.

Pssst! - Running shoes are a great way to go! Perfect amount of arch support and cushioning to keep you going all day and night.


FOOD: With every festival comes a feast. Eat a hearty dinner and breakfast to set yourself up for festival day! Feeling yourself getting heavy and moody? Get yourself up and running again with some nibbles. Make sure you have a little cash set aside to buy food at the festival vendors.

Pssst! - Keep some snacks on your person just in case you or someone around you feels lightheaded. Protein bars, dried fruit, or candy will help you keep your blood sugar up!


Press Pause: Your favorite artist finished playing? Go ahead and take a break! Find a shady spot to sit like a cool patch of grass or by a tent. Take a moment to recharge and spot all the insane outfits people wore to the party.

Pssst! - Stay cool with some ice, peppermint oil, or a Snap Towel!


Sometimes Rain Dances Work: Rain or shine, the show must go on. So be prepared for any kind of weather! Umbrellas can be a pain in a crowd so a waterproof jacket or poncho might be your best choice at staying dry.

Pssst! - Did a swamp magically form in your shoe? Switch out your shoes or at least your socks! Trench foot is so WWI.


Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: “WHAT DID YOU SAY?! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Those bass-heavy speakers may give off the best vibes, but they will do some work on your eardrums. Invest in some earplugs to save your ears from the high decibel madness blasting from the speakers.

Pssst! - Protect your ears and still hear the music with Etymotic ER20 Hi-Fi Earplugs


Pace Yourself: It’s a music festival, not Oktoberfest. Keep the party going by keeping your alcohol in check. Let’s be able to remember all the memories we made at the festival!

Pssst! - Alcohol dehydrates so remember to drink plenty of water!


Be Kind and SHOWER: Festivals are a ton of fun with a ton of people… a ton of very sweaty people. You may not be drenched in every direction, but you’re sure to bump into a few glistening shoulders. During your post-festival R&R, scrub down in a refreshing shower! Squeaky clean.

Pssst! - Wet wipes come in handy in more ways than one! Definitely a must-have for your festival checklist.


Med-ccesities: All hail the well prepared! Don’t get caught without your medical essentials like Band-Aids or ibuprofen. If you take medications like insulin or birth control, remember to pack those in a secure place!

Pssst! - Festival service centers are equipped with First-Aid and and super cool health professionals.


Now that you've got everything on your festival checklist, don't forget the Four C’s:
Courtesy, Cooperation, Carefulness and Consideration. Keep the electric energy pumping while taking care of one another. It’s a festival, everyone. Have fun with it!



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