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First Aid Tricks Everyone Should Know

Posted on Aug 12, 2014 11:27:58 AM by healtheo360

Cuts, scrapes and bruises can happen any time of year and to anyone. Keep these first aid tricks in mind this summer so you can keep enjoying the summer fun without a serious injury.

First Aid Tricks Everyone Should Know

First Aid Tricks Everyone Should Know for Cuts for: Scrapes

If a cut or scrape is bleeding, press a clean cloth firmly on the cut until it stops. Hold the clothe there for up to 15 minutes if necessary. Clean the cut with lukewarm water and soap if necessary to avoid an infection. Apply antibiotic cream and cover with bandaid.


First Aid Tricks Everyone Should Know for: Burns

Hold burn under cool water or apply a cool washcloth to area. Do this until pain subsides. Cover area with a loose bandage or gauze. Keep burn covered and apply ointment to keep from getting infected. If the burn is large, covers more than 1/4 of your body, or is very deep, see a doctor immediately.


First Aid Tricks Everyone Should Know for: Nosebleed

Contrary to popular belief, if you have a nosebleed you should not tip your head back. This causes blood to drain into your stomach. Sit up straight and lean forward slightly. Pinch the nose just below the bone. This will help the blood clot and the bleeding will eventually stop.


First Aid Tricks Everyone Should Know for: Splinters

Clean the area around the splinter with soap and water. Use a clean tweezers to remove the splinter. If the splinter doesn’t come out or comes out in pieces, leave it alone as it might come out on its own.


First Aid Tricks Everyone Should Know for: Eye Injuries

If you are experiencing pain, light sensitivity, blurry vision and tearing, you may have scratched your eyeball. This can happen if you get hit or poked in the eye. Place a wet cloth over the eye and head to the doctor. The doctors will be able to give you a prescription that heals the surface of the eye.


First Aid Tricks Everyone Should Know for: Insect Bites and Stings

If stung by a bee or another insect with a stinger, carefully scrape the skin with a fingernail or credit card to remove the stinger. Tweezers can cause the stinger to release more venom, so avoid tweezers if possible. If you begin to cough, can’t breathe, swell up, or show other signs of being allergic, contact the doctor immediately. If an insect bite itches, apply a calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream.


When going on a day adventure, its always a good idea to bring a first aid kit. Some essentials to keep on hand are tweezers, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, bottled water, and an instant cold compress. Carrying these things with you allows for a fun time even if you come across a few bumps and bruises.


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