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These Foods Will Never Make You Fat

Posted on Oct 7, 2014 11:14:53 AM by healtheo360

Next time you’re going grocery shopping, make sure to include some of these super foods that will never make you fat, onto your shopping list. You can eat as much as these low calorie foods as you want, without packing on any pounds!

These Foods Will Never Make You Fat

Foods that will never make you fat #1-Celery
16 calories per cup chopped

Celery is considered a “negative calorie” food. The body burns calories when digesting food and since celery is low in calories; it’s considered a zero calorie food.

Foods that will never make you fat #2-Bell peppers
30 calories medium pepper

These crunchy red, yellow, and green peppers are rich in vitamins and are low in calories. Bell peppers can be used in salads or stuffed with lean beef—however you eat them, they are a great addition to your health.

Foods that will never make you fat #3- Kale
33 calories per cup

Becoming more popular, this super food is recognized for its detoxification benefits. Research showed people who don’t have kale in their diets tend to have a higher body weight. Add some kale to a fruit blend and have a delicious green smoothie.

Foods that will never make you fat #4- Broccoli
31 calories per cup

Broccoli is filled with cancer fighting phytochemicals and fiber. The more fiber you eat, the longer you feel full. You can eat broccoli raw or steam for a filling meal or snack.

Foods that will never make you fat #5- Purple cabbage
22 calories per cup chopped

Purple cabbage are usually sliced and thrown in salads but these crunchy purple strips provide anti cancer, cardiovascular and heart health benefits. Eat some purple cabbage for a filling meal and also help curb junk food cravings!

Foods that will never make you fat #6- Cauliflower
27 calories per cup chopped

This vegetable is filled with fiber and vitamins. Cauliflower can be cooked with herbs and spices to make it taste better if eating them raw isn't

Foods that will never make you fat #7-Cherry tomatoes
27 calories per cup

Known as a “fruit”, cherry tomatoes are lower in calories than real fruits and make a healthy low sugar snack.

Foods that will never make you fat #8-Spinach
7 calories per cup

The healthiest leafy greens are usually dark green and provide many benefits for the body, especially after a workout. The body needs the nutrients to repair the muscles after intense exercise. Don’t boil spinach for more than a minute because the nutritional value might disappear!

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