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Four Healthy Reasons to Break a Sweat

Posted on Aug 7, 2017 3:02:31 PM by healtheo360

Four Healthy Reasons to Break a Sweat: One of the most natural ways to keep the body healthy and clean of toxins is through sweating. Working for a sweat through exercise has great health benefits for the body and will help you look and feel great! Below are some reasons to get up, get moving, and sweat it out:

four healthy reasons to break a sweat


Four Healthy Reasons to Break a Sweat: #1 Pain Relief

Experts suggests that exercise increases the production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, by stimulating neurochemical pathways in the brain. Don’t live with unwanted pain! Soothe your soreness through exercise and sweat.


Four Healthy Reasons to Break a Sweat: #2 Lowers the Risk of Kidney Stones

When the body sweats, salt is removed, and the body begins to crave hydration. The salt that would originally end up in the kidneys (where kidney stones are formed) will no longer be present. Keeping the body hydrated while exercising keeps the kidneys flushed.


Four Reasons to Break a Sweat: #3 Detoxes the Body

Sweating is a wonderful way to detox the body. Sweating flushes out substances from our system like alcohol, cholesterol, and salt. A good workout can help clean clogged arteries and even help with a hangover!


Four Healthy Reasons to Break a Sweat: #4 Controls Acne

Alongside with detoxing the body, sweating allows the pores to open and release grit and grime that holds in acne-causing bacteria! After sweating, be sure to wash your face to rid of that bacteria.





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