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Hair Myths Everyone Needs To Stop Believing

Posted on Jun 13, 2014 12:15:03 PM by healtheo360

Rinse and repeat. These hair myths have been repeated way too many times and need to be put to rest.

Hair Myths Everyone Needs To Stop Believing

Hair Myths #1

A regular trim makes hair grow faster is simply false. Hair grows from the roots not the ends! A trim makes hair healthier and gives the allusion of growth.

Hair Myths #2

Repeated use of the same shampoos will weaken your hair. This is not true! If you have found a shampoo that you like and works, by all means stick with it. A shampoo that works for your hair type is a good shampoo and can be used forever if you'd like.

Hair Myths #3

Pulling one grey hair will not cause three more to grow in its place. Pulling hair can irritate the follicles and potentially lead to scaring but it won't cause crazy hair growth. It's best not to pull your hair out grey or otherwise.

Hair Myths #4

There is no need to shampoo, rinse and repeat. Any hair stylist will tell you washing your hair more than once isn't very good for it. Skipping the recommended repeat will save time and save your hair!

Hair Myths #5

Combing hair from top to bottom isn't the best way to detangle hair. Combing hair this way can cause a lot of breakage. Once hair is split there is no going back. Start at the ends and work up, especially when hair is wet.

Hair Myths #6

Sunlight isn't exactly a healthy way to lighten hair. The sun often does lighten hair but it can also burn your scalp and damage follicles. The sun can also dry out your hair and leave it looking dull.

Hair Myths #7

Sleeping with your hair down does not make it easier to grow. An old myth says this allows your scalp to breathe. Taking care of your hair makes it grow, not allowing your scalp to breathe at night!

Hair Myths #8

Hair will continue to grow as long as it’s being taken care of. There is no maxim length hair will reach. Diet effects hair, so eat well. Your hair will grow with a good diet and daily maintenance.

Hair Myths #9

Grey hair is influenced by genes, not stress like the popular myth. Research shows stress can affect your genes but not fast enough to turn your hair grey. Genetic makeup and DNA is the main cause for grey hair. Now when your mom says you are the reason for her first grey hair, you know that’s not true!

Hair is healthiest when taken care of properly. No need to follow extreme myths to have beautiful hair!

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