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Halloween Safety Tips: How to Have a Safe and Fun Halloween? [Infographic]

Posted on Oct 30, 2014 2:28:08 PM by healtheo360

Halloween is a popular holiday featuring candy, costumes, and all things pumpkin. This ancient holiday is a night full of fun traditions and festivities, but it is also a night known for being dangerous and scary—and not just because of the chilling costumes. Rises in drunk-driving accidents and pedestrian fatalities occur Halloween night, along with dangers associated with certain candy and costumes. To stay safe and smart follow some simple tips and tricks to have a happy and healthy Halloween night!

Halloween Safety Tips


The Origins of Halloween

Halloween is believed to have originated from the ancient Celtic festival, Samhain, celebrated over 2,000 years ago—making it one of the oldest celebrations in the world! This Celtic festival celebrated the end of harvest and beginning of the long, cold winter. As many people died during the winter months, the Celts believed the worlds between the living and the dead came together for the night and the dead returned to earth. Now, Halloween is an extremely popular holiday—earning profits each year only second to Christmas!


Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween is an exciting holiday for many, but it is important to stay safe. Statistics show that drivers on Halloween kill twice as many children versus any other night. To stay safe children and adults should try to wear reflective costumes to be more visible to cars. Kids should stay in a group, with an adult present, and make sure to keep on sidewalks. Also general guidelines say to check for non-toxic makeup for costumes and to make sure costume masks don't inhibit visibility. Remember that adults should check all candy carefully!


Halloween Safety Tips for Adults

However, the Halloween fun doesn’t stop once we all stop being kids! Adult Halloween parties are filled with creative costumes, drinking, and socializing with friends. It is important for adults to stay safe and smart on Halloween, most importantly when driving. 52% of fatalities on Halloween result from a drunk-driving incident. To avoid being a statistic, prepare sober rides if planning on drinking and take a taxi if needed. Make sure to drive slowly in residential areas and watch for children darting across the street.

Halloween should only be scary for the amount of ghosts and witches out—not for accidents!

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