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How to Be Happier? 7 Ways to Feel Good and Be Happier

Posted on May 2, 2014 5:50:59 PM by healtheo360

We all have our good days when we feel like we are floating on air. Feeling good makes us feel like we can achieve just about anything. The world just seems that much brighter. Unfortunately we don't always feel like this.

How to be happier

Having a bad day can leave you feeling dull, tearful and often unmotivated. Its easy to see the bad stuff around you when you feel low. So how can you pick yourself up and get back that bright and sunny outlook?


How to be happier? Smile more.

It sounds corny but smiling is proven to help lift your mood. Whether it is because it triggers your brain into producing those feel good hormones or just because you feel a little silly so it makes you giggle. Whatever the reasoning, it is worth giving it a go.


How to be happier? Make friends.

Find someone positive to connect to. If we surround our selves with positive people they can only enhance those positive vibes.


How to be happier? Find a hobby.

Occupy yourself with something you have always loved. It may be a hobby that you haven't done for some time. If you enjoy it it will make you feel relaxed and positive.


How to be happier? Discover the scent of happiness.

Discover the scent of happiness – this isn't something many have tried. There are certain smells that trigger happy memories for us. It could be a perfume, a particular flower or the smell of a cake baking. Whatever your favourite fragrance, give it  a sniff and feel the warmth inside you spread.


How to be happier? Say "I Love you."

Tell some one you love them – giving out positive messages can not only make you feel like you have done something nice. It may also have the benefit of giving you a positive response.


How to be happier? Go for a walk.

Go for a walk. Getting out and feeling the fresh air is a great way to blast away those feelings of despair. Walking can give you time to reflect on a situation and to help you focus on the positives rather than the negatives.


How to be happier? Exercise and sweat.

Get to the gym. In fact it doesn't matter where we exercise. It could be in the gym or at the park. Wherever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do, exercise can help to get that good feeling. When we exercise we release endorphins into our bloodstream. These feel good chemicals can help to alter our mood and make us feel more positive.


Whatever you decide to do make a change for the better and start to view the world around you with a positive outlook. You will begin to see the good things everywhere.

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