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Healthcare Social Media - The Benefits Are Many!

Posted on May 1, 2012 10:02:23 AM by Dave

When it comes to social media platforms for healthcare, the overwhelming number of social media sites may be seen as a minefield for healthcare professionals and patients/caregivers alike. However, the value of this tool and the potential learnings for those who use it cannot be overlooked, especially since it may provide a near realtime platform for discovering relevant information about a medical conditionMany stakeholders in the healthcare delivery continuum can benefit greatly from the insights generated from social media platforms. Stakeholders such as:

  • Medical Foundations who are supporting the R&D to find a cure for a condition as well as providing a support community for patients
  • Clinical Trial Companies who are casting a wide net to find candidates to enroll in trials, thus expediting the clinical evidence require for the approval of a therapy
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers who are investing billions of dollars each year to bring new therapies to market
  • Insurance Companies who are trying to balance the cost vs quality ratio to there member while at the same time providing a comprehensive catalog of patient education around costly conditions
  • Consumer Goods Companies who are looking to provide health and wellness related goods and services to patients living with chronic conditions

But lets not forget the most important stakeholder who can benefit from social media -- The PATIENT AND CAREGIVER! 


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