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Healthier Cocktail Options

Posted on Aug 11, 2014 11:00:39 AM by healtheo360

Whether you are trying to lose weight or just want to be cautious of the amount of calories you consume daily, alcohol can be tricky. Your friends go out for drinks after work and of course you want to join them but you would rather not drink an entire days worth of calories in one mixed drink. Don’t let that stop you from having fun because here are some healthier cocktail options.

healthier cocktail alternatives

Healthier Cocktail Options #1:

Most mixed drinks are packed with calories and vodka sodas can get boring fast so next time you are out try an old fashioned. This 200 year old bourbon drink has now become a classic as it was one of the oldest cocktails. An old fashioned consists of granulated sugar, bitters, bourbon, water and ice and comes in at less than 200 calories.


Healthier Cocktail Options #2:

A classic margarita is another good choice. The classic recipe calls for tequila, lime juice and a bit of agave syrup. Avoid pre made mixes as they are loaded with sugar. If you are worried the bartender may use a mix full of sugar, request they use fresh lime juice and a splash of simple syrup. This margarita is 200 calories.


Healthier Cocktail Options #3:

Cosmopolitans became popular during Sex and the City and maybe for good reason. Carrie and the girls were on to something as cosmo’s contain 150 calories at most. Made from vodka, lime juice, and cranberry juice cosmos make a tasty, low calorie drink!


Healthier Cocktail Options #4:

Mojitos, made with rum, mint, soda water, lime and a hint of sugar, have a tainted reputation due to mixes. Just like the margarita, a classic mojito has few calories. Avoid pre made mixes and your mojito will fall under 150 calories.


Healthier Cocktail Options #5:

A gimlet, typically served with gin but can be made with vodka or tequila, comes in at 200 calories. It is a very simple drink made with alcohol and sweetened lime juice, served in a martini glass. You can spice things up a bit without adding many more calories by adding cucumber or basil.


Healthier Cocktail Options #6:

Wine and light beer are good choices for those watching calories. For every 5 ounces of wine you consume 100 calories and 12 ounces of a light beer is 108 calories. These drinks become tricky when you start pouring into oversized wine glasses and pints, so beware!

Consume alcohol in moderation and be aware of the other risks presented by alcohol besides the calorie count. Next time you go out for a drink, plan ahead and try one of these cocktails for fewer calories!


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