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Healthy Sleeping Habits (National Sleep Awareness Week)

Posted on Mar 5, 2015 1:05:26 PM by healtheo360

Did you know that humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep? Sleep Awareness Week takes place March 2nd – 8th of this year and it provides awareness and educates individuals of the importance of sleep.

Healthy sleeping

Healthy Sleeping Habit #1: Stick to a sleep schedule, Bedtime Ritual

Having a set sleep schedule will help you to sleep better at night. Going to bed the same time, and waking up the same time will help you to stay on your sleep schedule, even on weekends and holidays.

Being consistent with your sleep time will help your body to adjust to your body’s sleep clock, and promote better sleeping at night. Having a bedtime ritual is very important for better sleeping. Doing the same activities every night before going to bed, will help your body to adjust to sleep mode.

Healthy Sleeping Habit #2: Limit daytime naps

We all enjoy our daily daytime naps however; they can be affecting the way we sleep at night. Shorten your long daytime naps to a 10 -30 minute nap during the mid-afternoon. If you're still having problems sleeping at night, then you should completely cut the daytime naps out of your schedule.

Healthy Sleeping Habit #3: Exercise Daily

Exercising daily helps you to stay in shape and helps you to feel more energized. Sometimes exercising right before bed may not be the best idea because, you may be to energized to sleep. So try to exercise earlier in the day, to promote better sleep and to help you sleep faster later at night.

Healthy Sleeping Habit #4: Sleep Comfortably

Sleeping comfortably is a key to better and longer sleeping. No one wants to sleep on a hard mattress and un-supportive pillows during the night. Invest in a good quality mattress and pillows for your comfort. This will definitely bring a change to your sleep and you will be sleeping in no time.

Healthy Sleeping Habit #5: Watch the foods you eat and drink before bed

Drinking alcohol or any caffeine products before bed, can definitely disrupt your sleep. Drink plenty of water during the day to keep your body hydrated. This will save you the trip of waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Healthy Sleeping Habit #6: Winding down

A lot of things can distract you while you’re trying to sleep. Winding down will help your body transition into sleep mode. Reading before bed can help the winding down process, however using electronic devices to do so may not be the best idea. The type of light on your electronic device is activating to your brain, and will actually delay your sleep.

Healthy Sleeping Habit #7: Evaluate your room

Evaluating your room is a great way to make your sleeping environment the best one for you. Make sure that there are noises or distractions, during this time. Keep your room dark and quiet to help you get rid of any distractions.

Improving your sleep by using these healthy sleeping habits will help to make your life a lot easier. You will notice a difference in your body once you start implementing these habits. Start enjoying your sleep today.

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