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Hearing Assistive Technology - Telecoil

Posted on Jan 16, 2017 1:17:43 PM by healtheo360

Hearing Assistive Technology - Telecoil: With nearly 20 percent of Americans reporting some degree of hearing loss, the need for Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) has become more widespread. Fortunately, since the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, HAT has become more readily available in public places, such as churches and auditoriums.

To make the most of this technology, most hearing aids and cochlear implant devices include a feature known as a telecoil. This small, coiled wire acts as an antenna inside your assistive hearing device, which uses magnetic signals to stream sound directly into your ears. Consumers can switch the feature on and off with a “t-switch” located on the exterior of their device. This “T-setting” can help eliminate background noise, providing you a clear stream of the primary audio source in various venues. Look for this universal symbol to find a telecoil system near you:

hearing assistive technology - telecoil

Hearing Assistive Technology - Telecoil

While roughly 71 percent of all hearing aids sold in the United States include a telecoil, research suggests that few consumers are familiar with the technology. It is important you talk with your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist to learn more about your device and any features that may help improve your hearing.

While hearing aids that have the telecoil feature do tend to be more expensive, the benefits are far reaching and well worth the investment. Telecoil technology can help improve the clarity of dialogue and also allows consumers to pair their hearing devices with compatible technology such as MP3 players and cell phones.


To learn more about telecoils and how you may benefit from their features, check out this online brochure published by the Hearing Loss Association of America.



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