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Holiday Eating to Prevent Fat Gain

Posted on Dec 12, 2014 11:01:50 AM by healtheo360

Holiday Eating to Prevent Fat Gain

Holiday Eating to Prevent Fat GainYou just made it through Thanksgiving! Chances are you overate, drank alcohol in excess, and had dessert quite a few times. You most probably induced a food coma and napped several times after dinner. Now with Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years approaching you don’t want to repeat the same mistake again.

Many people are going to have a New Years resolution to attend the gym more. More often than not, these individuals will be dedicated for the first few months, then they will stop going. Don’t lose your lean body before 2015 even begins with the following tips.

 Holiday Eating #1: Eating every 5-8 hours

Individuals are told that they should eat, eat, and EAT every chance that they get to achieve optimal muscle gain. In order to speed up metabolism and burn excess stored fat, people are told to eat as many meals as they can (approximately 4-6) within 3-hour intervals. Instead, eat as much as you can within an 8-hour period. Once the 8 hours are up, refrain from eating at all; this is a good strategy to stay lean.

Holiday Eating #2: Meal Structuring

If you are planning on drinking and eating dessert you need to plan what you will eat first during your meals. Start off with protein and vegetables. The protein is a necessity for muscle gain and maintenance and the veggies are low-calorie foods that will make you full.

As difficult as it is, you must be patient while the holiday meal is being prepared. While waiting, you can fill up on protein by consuming a low-carbohydrate and low fat protein shake. It’s a good satisfying drink before the main course.

Holiday Eating #3: Balancing Alcohol and Dessert

Fat storage usually comes from excess of calories; generally from alcohol, carbs, and fat. Sweet delicacies and alcoholic beverages are essentially empty calories. If your carbohydrate levels have already been satisfied from the vegetables, you are in a good position to indulge in dessert and alcohol.

Afterwards go for the dessert; since you will already be full you will most likely abstain from eating a full portion of dessert. It is also helpful to drink low carbohydrate alcoholic drinks like dry wine, vodka, or rum.


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