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Holiday Gift Guide: Sustainable Gifts For All

Posted on Dec 3, 2013 6:03:52 AM by healtheo360

Holiday Gift Guide Sustainable Gifts For Everyone

It's helpful to have a holiday gift guide, considering the holidays are fast-approaching and for some of us so is the stress and anxiety that go along with picking out the perfect gifts for friends and family. Holidays can easily be overwhelming, but we should never forget the true nature of these annual events, to spend time with loved ones and reconnect with distant relatives and acquaintances. Though, getting just the right gift to light up someone’s holiday is very rewarding, so here is a holiday gift guide to give you inspiration and ideas for your gift recipients this year. And feel guilt-free as you’re giving! These lists of gifts are all sustainable and healthy!

Holiday Gift Guide:

Organic Fair-Trade Chocolates


Chocolate production practices are not all that great. From the negative effects on the environment to the unfair way workers are treated, it is sometimes not so great to think about where manufactured goods come from. However, Fair-trade makes it their business to abide by all labor laws to produce goods devoid of cruelty. These yummy earth chocolates are a great gift for chocoholic and environmentalist alike!

Holiday Gift Guide:



They are like having a tiny environment contained in a jar. Plus, they are so cool to look at. Terrarium kits can be a gift for the young and older loved ones in your life. Even better may be to send them to a terrarium-making class to really delve into the experience and be instructed by seasoned terrarium-ers. Usually classes are held at flower shops, so be sure to see if your local florist offers a course!

Holiday Gift Guide:

Compost Keeper


Usually we buy things people would never think to buy themselves. This decorative compost keeper is probably one of those items. It is great for someone who is thinking about becoming more environmentally sustainable but is having trouble beginning. Composting is a great and simple way to start, especially with an adorable vessel to put eggshells, apple cores, and any other compostable products.

Holiday Gift Guide:

Sustainable Earphones

Sustainable Earphones

Wooden headphones that cancel out noise and have high definition sound quality and look sleek!

Holiday Gift Guide:

Organic Cotton Sweaters


Sweaters made with organic cotton blends are great gifts for the Fall season. One can never get enough sweaters once the temperatures drop and layering becomes a necessity instead of an option. Snagging an adorable printed sweater with your friend’s favorite animal will surely bring a smile to their face and keep them warm!

Happy Holidays!

Have fun this holiday season by getting gifts that will not only help the environment, but are also practical and lasting. Also, remember the holidays are so much more than gifts. Simply spending quality time with family and friends is a wonderful present on its own.

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