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Imaging Techniques Eliminate the Need for Invasive Biopsies

Posted on May 15, 2013 11:39:59 AM by healtheo360

A progressive article focused on Obesity and Diabetes was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics (DTT).  The article, penned by Dr. Kavita Garg, Dr. Samuel Change, and Dr. Ann Scherzinger examines the application of non-invasive imaging tests and explores how they can be better utilized to evaluate and manage patients living with or at risk for diabetes.

The article describes in detail how advanced imaging techniques can be utilized to measure body fat in different sections of the body. Additionally, these techniques can differentiate types of fat, which can adversely impact metabolism as well as pose as an instigator for a plethora of diseases. In the DTT article, the team of doctors advises that these imaging tests can effectively eliminate the need for invasive biopsies, detect disease before it develops, and completely identify functional abnormalities in both heart and muscle tissues before any conditions become symptomatic.

"Currently, imaging techniques are not routinely done in people with diabetes," commented Dr. Viswanathan Mohan in his supplementary editorial, Has the Time Come for Routine Imaging Studies in Diabetes? "The article is a trend-setter because this could change the way we routinely screen for these conditions in people with diabetes." Regular screening, in addition to diet, exercise, and utilization of diabetes support groups all greatly decrease the possibility of developing diabetes.

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