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The Importance of Good Flexibility

Posted on Feb 6, 2015 11:14:48 AM by healtheo360

During exercise, many individuals focus on cardio that is excellent for staying fit and burning calories. However, sometimes that leads to slacking on exercises that focus on flexibility. These exercises should not be neglected, and doing consistent stretches can be extremely beneficial for your body. From decreasing pain to improved circulation—good flexibility has lifelong benefits. Here are a few major ones to get you in the stretching mood:


The Importance of Good Flexibility

1. Good flexibility will improve posture

When you stop stretching and exercising muscles, your posture can be affected. This is because muscles that are too tight will interfere with your spine’s alignment. This can affect your posture in negative ways. Also, the more flexible you are the less tension there is, thus your body is much more calm and less stressed. Becoming more flexible will make your body more relaxed in general!

2) Having good flexibility prevents injury

Injuries to ligaments, tendons, and muscles are more likely to occur when muscles are tight and don’t have a wide range of motion. It is easier to obtain an injury, and overstep that range of motion when you don’t stretch. To decrease these odds, making stretching a priority, especially if you play sports.

3) Greatly reduces back pain

Many people experience moderate to severe back pain at least a few times in their life. Sometimes tight muscles in the back can cause this. The good news is that with stretching and working on flexibility these muscles can be strengthened and maybe fix some back pain.

4) You will improve your circulation

More flexible muscles create an easier path for oxygen and other nutrients to make their way through the body. Stretching itself is also a positive way for blood to reach muscles, ligaments, and joints—which is super good for you!


Stretching is an important part of any exercise and should be done every day. Make it a goal to stretch more in the New Year, and you will be feeling more flexible and more healthy in no time.

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