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Keep Kids Safe at Summer Camp

Posted on Jun 19, 2014 9:57:45 AM by healtheo360

Summer camp is the perfect place for kids to enjoy the summer weather and get involved in fun activities with other kids their age. Whether it’s a day camp or over night camp, it’s important to keep kids safe. Here are some safety tips so your kid can have a safe and fun time at camp.

How to Keep Kids Safe At Summer Camp

Keep Kids Safe at Summer Camp Tip #1

Kids at camp spend a lot of time in the sun. Make sure your kid brings sunscreen along. It’s also important that they apply sunscreen regularly when outside. Many camps will apply sunscreen to the children when necessary, but it’s never a bad idea to lather up before they arrive in the morning. Packing a water bottle is also a good idea so kids can stay hydrated in the sun.


Keep Kids Safe at Summer Camp Tip #2

Wear proper clothing. Closed toed shoes are always a good idea at summer camp, as kids spend most of the day outdoors. Bring weather appropriate clothes to camp as well as a sweatshirt and jeans. It can get cold at night, even around a bonfire. Also pack in preparation for rain. A raincoat and rain boots can come in handy if needed.


Keep Kids Safe at Summer Camp Tip #3

Be aware of bugs. Always pack bug spray to use when outdoors. Camps will know how to treat any sort of bug bite, but make sure your child knows if he/she is allergic to any sort of bite. In heavily wooded areas, watch out for ticks.


Keep Kids Safe at Summer Camp Tip #4

It is also a good idea for you, the parent, to do some research before sending your child away for the day or week. It is important to know the staff-to-child ratio. Also find out the procedures for taking a trip. Things to pay attention to include transportation and taking extra staff along.

What kind of training does the camp staff have? Also what is their procedure in case of emergency? These are good questions to ask. Staff members should be CPR certified, but it is always good to enquire.

If your child is eating at camp, make sure the camp can accommodate dietary needs if necessary.


Keep Kids Safe at Summer Camp Tip #5

When it is time to pick up your child from camp, make sure the camp is fully aware of who will be arriving. If the camp allows other adults, besides parents and legal guardians, to pick up children, both the camp and child need to be aware of who will be picking them up.

Summer camps can be very fun, especially when your child is safe. Follow these tips and summer will be a great time for you and your children!

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