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Beware! The Krokodil Drug: Flesh Eating Zombie Drug is Coming to the US

Posted on Oct 16, 2013 4:56:36 PM by healtheo360

krokodil drug

Krokodil Drug: The Origins

The krokodil drug (pronounced “crocodile”) has gained infamy in Europe has allegedly come to the US. Numerous cases of decay due to the use of the drug or its medical term, desomorphine, an opioid, is causing great alarm across the nation.

The drug that has initially gained its popularity across Eastern Europe due most likely to it being a more affordable alternative to heroin. According to sources it can be bought in the US for as little as $8 a hit on the street and is easier to synthesize than heroin.

Krokodil consists of opiates and a mixture of harmful fluids including, but not limited to lighter fluid, paint thinner, and/or gasoline. It has been dubbed the “zombie drug” due to its effects on the body when abused. Areas around the entrance site tend to become tender to the touch, skin falling off of the bone in some cases.

The drug literally eats the body from the inside out, causing scaly, purplish scabs resulting from infection of the bone, and damaged to tissue. The video below by ABCNews chronicling the spread of krokodil in Russia is graphic, so discretion is advised.

Krokodil Drug: Not Worth It

There have been a few cases in the US over the last few months, but the DEA has not come out with an official statement as to the definitive outspread of the drug. However, there have been people talking to news stations claiming their injuries are a direct result of their use of krokodil. Apparently, the drug is a type of meth, donning the street term, “krokodil meth,” and has been driving a number of people to the hospital with severe skin issues.

The drug's affects last about an hour to an hour and a half in comparison to heroine which lasts up to 4 hours. Due to its fleeting feeling, people inject more of it, creating this serious epidemic in Russia that is possibly making its way to the US.

This drug is by far one of the most dangerous street drugs out there. It has the same eroding effect as gasoline does on the outside of the body as it does on the inside. Hopefully, with the many people speaking about the horrifying results of abusing the drug will discourage any curiosity or desire to experiment. The people in the video are testaments to the detrimental effects of the drug and why it should never be used.

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