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Labor Day Fun

Posted on Aug 26, 2015 12:28:17 AM by healtheo360

Celebrate the last weekend of summer with some Labor Day fun! Whether taking one last summer vacation or enjoying the final days of summer in your own back yard, Labor Day is a great time to do it. Take advantage of the extra long weekend and try one of these activities!

Labor Day

Hiking - Grab the kids, backpacks, and comfy shoes and head to the park! Enjoy the sights of nature in a nearby park or nature reserve. You can learn a lot about the area around you, get some exercise and have a good time while doing it!

Volunteering - Many non-profit organizations plan events during the end of summer and start of the fall holidays. Check with your local food bank, animal shelters or religious organizations and see if you can volunteer and help with what ever activities they have planned. You’ll feel good about helping your community!

Check out a festival - Check out a local festival, parade or fair! You can enjoy good food and good company. Cities all across the United States host Labor Day parades and events.

Cheer for the home team - Attend a local sporting event, whether it be little league, college level or major league. Labor Day is the start of fall and that means football season! Grab your team colors and head to your local sports complex to check out a game!

Camping - Check out a nearby camp ground or pitch a tent in the back yard. Camping consists of all sorts of outdoor activities including bonfires, swimming, eating good food, looking at the stars, and many, many more. If staying in your back yard, only go back in the house for emergencies for the full camping experience!

Theme Parks - Take a trip to your local amusement park. Labor Day is the perfect time to take one last trip to the amusement or water park. Many theme parks have special parades or fireworks for the holiday. If not, they still provide a lot of fun and entertainment!

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