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Ladies, This is Why You Need to Get Rid of Your High Heels

Posted on Aug 27, 2014 10:50:43 AM by healtheo360

High heels can be extremely damaging to feet and the lower back. Consider these things before wearing your Christian Louboutins on a day out.

Ladies, this is why you need to get rid off of your high heels


According to the Daily Mail, problems occur because of increased pressure on the ball of the foot due to the high heel. The higher the heel, the more pressure is applied to the foot. High heels change a persons center of gravity. This can cause lower back pain because your body is no longer aligned properly. A common problem of wearing high heels is the Achilles tendon becoming permanently damaged. The Daily Mail states the tendon is designed to be flexible but wearing heels too often causes the tendon to shorten. This will make it hard to stretch and lay your foot flat.

High heels can also attribute to sprained ankles, bunions, hammertoes, knee problems, back pain and even broken bones. Bunions are caused by shoes that don’t fit properly. The big toe angles inward causing a bony bump. Hammertoes is caused by feet squeezing into shoes that don’t fit. The toes become curved and can’t straighten anymore.

Wearing heels can be a lot of fun if you are going to a special event or have a fancy new pair. Ways to avoid all of the high heel foot pain is to wear a pair no taller than 2 inches. Also the wider the heel, the better it is for your foot. Avoid stilettos and stick to wedges. Wearing heels once or twice a week is perfectly fine. If you wear high heels a lot, stretch your calves and feet. You can also wear flats if you need to walk a long distance and put on your heels when you have arrived at your destination. When you start wearing them every day of the week, all day long, you will begin to suffer the side effects.

High heels are stylish but there are some consequences to be considered. If you enjoy wearing heels, just remember to wear them in moderation.

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