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Lyme Disease: How to Keep Yourself Safe

Posted on Jul 29, 2015 5:35:40 PM by healtheo360

Lyme disease is not a very common disease, however if a tick infects you, you must be treated as soon as possible. Did you know that there was a vaccination for Lyme disease? However after 2002 it was discontinued.

Lyme Disease

What is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that can be transmitted through the bite of an infected tick such as a blacklegged tick. Biting other infected animals can infect ticks. However, not all ticks are infected, but the longer the tick is on your body the chances of contracting Lyme disease increases.

Symptoms – there are early signs, later signs, and less commons signs that you sill should be familiar with.

Early Symptoms

• Rash
• Flue-like symptoms
• Swollen lymph nodes

Later Symptoms

• Joint pain
• Neurological problems

Less Common Symptoms

• Heart problems
• Eye inflammation
• Severe fatigue
• Liver inflammation (Hepatitis)


Most Lyme disease cases are treated with antibiotics, mainly when there is an early diagnostic and early treatment. Patients are normally prescribed oral antibiotics that are to be taken between a 14 to 21 day period in the early stages of Lyme disease. Intravenous antibiotics are only prescribed to a patient if the disease has reached to the nervous system. You may be recommended to take this treatment between 14-28 days.

Prevention – the most effective way to avoid Lyme disease, is to stay away from wooded and bushy areas with high leaf litter. Here are a few ways to keep yourself safe from Lyme disease

• Use insect repellents.
• Wear long pants and long sleeves, when walking into areas such as the woods that may have ticks lurking around.
• Remove a tick as soon as possible with a pair of sterile tweezers
• If you were infected Lyme disease once, it is possible that you can get infected again. Always check yourself, children, other family members and pets for ticks.

According to CDC data, in 2013, 95 percent of Lyme disease cases occurred in 14 states, most of which were on the East Coast.

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