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How to Make the Best Out of Your Camping Trip

Posted on Jun 24, 2014 2:38:27 PM by healtheo360

Make the best out of your camping trip this summer with some of these foolproof tips that are sure to make you feel like an expert wilderness adventurer.

How to Make the Best Out of Your Camping Trip

Centralized Water

Some campgrounds will have water pumps nearby, but instead of making multiple trips to the pump, make one big trip using a 5-gallon bucket! Using a bowl or ladle, scoop out water to boil and cook, wash your dishes, and even brush your teeth. Keep any water used for cleaning at least 200 feet away from main water sources like rivers or lakes to prevent water contamination.


Be Eco-Friendly!

Instead of using paper or styrofoam dishware for every meal, try to use reusable plates, cups, or bowls as much as possible. The same goes for utensils! It’ll mean less garbage pile-up and one less carbon footprint.


Dress in Layers

A tank-top, t-shirt, thermal, and light down jacket will set you up nicely for summer camping when temperatures change between day and night. Long-sleeves and pants are good items to protect yourself from poisonous plants and ticks when walking through brush. Look ahead at the weather forecast and pack appropriately!


Mosquito Bite Remedies

Try some of these simple remedies for itchy mosquito bites!

  • Rub on a coarse salt and water solution and let the salt dry out on your skin
  • Using a cut onion, rub the juice on the bite
  • After cleaning the bite with rubbing alcohol, stick on a piece of scotch tape!
  • Any toothache medicine like Orajel will quickly stop the itch
  • Smear on some white deodorant to the bite


Make Your Own Fire-Starter

Here are a few fire-starter ideas you may not have known about!

  • Cardboard toilet paper tubes or egg carton sections filled with dryer lint
  • Doritos light up well as kindling
  • Cotton pads or balls dipped in wax or petroleum jelly


Tarps - A Camper’s Best Friend

Tarps are a multifunctional tool when it comes to camping. Use it as a reinforcing base or cover for your tent to keep water from seeping in or as a canopy for protection from the rain and sun. It’s also great for transporting a trunk full of campfire wood without getting the upholstery dirty or splintered.


Dispose Garbage Often

Keep your campgrounds clean and smelly free by throwing out garbage at the end of each day. If there’s no dumpster nearby, hoist your garbage high up from a branch to keep bears and other critters from hanging around while you’re asleep.


Tent Set-up Tips

  • Choose level ground for your tent or at least sleep with your feet facing downhill to prevent blood from rushing to your head.
  • Children’s foam play mats are great to keep you from sleeping or walking on rock or shrubs. Plus, you’ve got a little cushion from the hard ground.
  • Pitch your tent away from noisy neighbors or even water.


Keeping Drinks Cool

Freeze a gallon water jug to keep your foods and drinks cold in a cooler and drink it when thawed! Also try putting drinks in a mesh bag tied off with a rope and let it sit in a cold stream with the bag anchored to the bank.

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