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Naturally Occurring Cancer Fighting Substance Found in Chickens

Posted on Aug 10, 2012 5:27:04 AM by healtheo360

A recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists journal suggests that a common chicken could possibly hold new methods for fighting Cancer.

Professor James Womack and his Seoul’s National University team gathered sixty White Leghorn and fifty Cornish chickens to be assessed for naturally occurring antibacterial substances. Specifically, the chickens were being assessed for NK-lysin to see how it it’s presence differentiated in the two most common and accessible breeds of chicken on the planet.

Womack’s team isolated two different NK-lysin variants, both of which were capable of fighting off bacterial infections.  However, one of the NK-lysin variants took the team by surprise when it demonstrated the ability to fight cancerous cells.

Professor Womack concluded his study with an optimistic statement:

"This could lead to other steps to fight cancer or in developing ways to prevent certain infections or even diseases. It's another door that has been opened up. We are looking at similar studies right now to see if this is possible with cattle. The next step is to work with other animals and see if similar variants exist. We need to look for any genetic similarities to the chicken variants and then determine if these variants affect the health of the animal, but this is an exciting first step in this direction."

            Hopefully, Womack’s exciting findings will lead to further research of NK-lysin and lead to clinical trials in humans in the near future.

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