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New Year's Resolutions: 7 Tips To Stay On Track

Posted on Dec 14, 2015, 12:52:35 PM by healtheo360

new years resolutions

Read through these useful tips to see your New Year's resolutions through and make a real improvement in 2016. Plot your path to avoid the pitfalls that can cause you to go off track.


new years resolutionsResearch your resolutions(s). Saying something like "Next year I'll eat more greens" or "I'll join the gym and workout everyday" does't necessarily mean that you have to stack your plate with veggies or move into the gym so you wont miss a chance to pump iron. Find creative ways to achieve your goals. We like  love Lizzy Jays Juices: raw, cold pressed green smoothies that are actually pretty delicious. You can make home-made green juices, as long as you're willing to clean out your blender/ juicer every day. Either way, power to the veggie and fruit!


new years resolutionsAim for something you really want. Whatever  you add to your list, put some thought into it; is it something that YOU want or something other's say you should want? Making a resolution based on what other people tell you to want does not fit with your own values.


new years resolutionsEnlist your buddy. Remember how in middle school your teacher assigned you a buddy whenever you went on a school outing? Same principle here, only this time your accountability buddy makes acting on your resolutions more fun! Also they're there to whip you into action. Whether it's working out or some other lifestyle change you plan on undertaking, your partner (preferably someone you're close with) will keep you on track. It's also a great way to catch up and bond with your friend and enjoy the great outdoors.


new years resolutionsHave schedule. Is your resolution to help your parents, grandparents or other loved one with their taxes or organizing bills? Set time aside for it. Whatever your resolution is, not having some sort of routine can wear you down because you're overwhelmed with so much going on. Incorporating a routine with your resolution and other social/ personal obligations takes a lot of stress out of it. You also have better chance of doing what you set out to do.


new years resolutionsReward yourself. Some of the New Year's resolutions we have an end goal that's far out in the the future. While you work at it, you need to stay motivated. How? Treat yourself to mini rewards during the duration en-route to your final destination. For instance, if you've been eating salads all week  but have been craving a delectable food you swear was sent by the heavens, give yourself a day to indulge. Doing this is not a set back. It's a way of giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Just don't over do it.


new year's resolutionsBreak it up. Self-control supply is finite. Whatever resolutions you decide upon, chose goals that require small acts of will instead of weeks of vigilance. While saying 'I will lose 10 pounds is specific (tip 1), ' it seems less likely to work than a goal like ' this week I'll go to the gym three times , get off one subway or bus stop earlier and walk the rest of the way at least three times a week.' By breaking it up in smaller goals, each accomplishment will motivate you and bolster your resolve.

Add more OJ and spinach to your diet. Countless articles have been dedicated to the benefits of adding more fruit and veggies to your diet. With benefits like lowering blood pressure, reducing risk for heart disease and stroke to lowering digestive problems, it's no wonder why. The take away: improving your diet leaves you healthier and happier. Eating unhealthy foods can sap your energy and also cause health issues. Who would be motivated to do anything when they feel ill or too tired all the time?

There you have it folks – a nifty list of  7 tips to help keep you on track to accomplish your New Year's resolutions and make some long-term changes for 2.3 version of you. You have it in the bag.  From healtheo360, we'd like to wish you all happy holidays and a Happy New Year!

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