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If Orange Is The New Black Were Played By Dogs...#OITNB [Infographic]

Posted on Sep 25, 2014, 4:34:32 PM by healtheo360

We decided to do a playful twist on the popular Netflix original show, Orange is the new black. Everyone loves dogs and the show is amazing, so why not combine both? If you ever wondered "If Orange Is The New Black Were Played By Dogs", we put together a list to match the perfect canine friend for some of the most popular characters in the show.
If OITNB were played by dog...OITNB Infographic

Piper Chapman could be played by a German Shepherd

Piper is a innocent character turned into a person who easily get angry with another person and uses her skills to persuade others to do her own bidding. She is strong-willed and didn’t let the others break her.

German Shepard's  are courageous, adaptable, alert, and fearless. If not properly trained, the breed can be a aggressive. Also guarded when it comes to strangers.


Piper seems to overcome every obstacle that is thrown her way and make the best of her situation. Learning how to adapt to prison, she has to deal with her ex girlfriend too. Extremely strong-minded, she doesn’t give up and fits in eventually. She had a hard time adjusting to prison and wary of who to trust.


Alex Vause could be played by a Doberman Pinscher

Former international drug cartel that keeps to herself emotionally. Isn’t afraid to fight back if it does come to that. She’s good at reading people and is perceptive. She relies on Piper and just as fragile. This breed is gentle, loyal, loving, and highly intelligent. They only attack if they believe its property or its family is in danger. Less likely to attack humans than pit bulls because they can be trained to restrain attacks.


Alex is overprotective of Piper, which is her ex girlfriend and will attack the other inmates when they give Piper a hard time. Alex is always seen with a book and perceives as being intelligent. Calm and picks her fights wisely.


Galina “Red” Reznikov could be played by a Rottweiler

Red is the master chef of the prison. She was involved in the Russian mafia that got her into prison. Runs the kitchen and has a lot of influence. She is feared and respected by most prisoners. Since she’s in charge of the kitchen, she is very territorial about her domain. This breed is powerful, courageous, and calm. Devoted to it’s family and is protective. It will defend its family fiercely if needed, and seems immune to pain. Also, have great leadership skills and picky to who it wants as its owner.


Red is in charge of the kitchen and likes to be in control. Feeling that Piper was a threat, she made other inmates shun her. Always thinking of her family and is consider a “mom” to other inmates. She thinks of Nicky as her daughter.


Nicky Nichols could be played by a Chihuahua

Sarcastic, humorous, kind, and has a sexual appetite, by trying to have sex with inmates. She has a soft side due to her past of being a drug addict. The Chihuahua is small in size but has an outgoing personality. They can be affectionate and demanding. May try to act protective, and is bold towards its possession. This sassy dog has an extreme devotion to its master. However, they need to learn how to meet new people in a friendly manner.


Nicky has an outgoing personality and social able throughout the prison. Isn’t afraid to get what she wants, she makes a bold impression on Piper.


Lorna Morello could be played by a Labrador Retriever

Sweet, softhearted, likeable, easy going, and optimistic most of the time. Very resourceful and has the most genuine actions in the show. Although she does have some violent outbursts and makes irrational decisions. This breed makes an excellent companion and trustworthy. Labs are trainable and possess a calm temper. Gentle, friendly, and family oriented. Likeable by most Americans.


Lorna is trustworthy, as she’s trusted to pick up inmates and drive them to the prison. Liked throughout the prison and became Piper’s first friend.


Sophia Burset could be played by a Tosa

Sophia was a firefighter before she became a transgender. She is a friendly person. Go to person for makeup and fixing inmate’s hair. She stands by her beliefs and is stubborn to get what she wants. The tosa breed is intelligent, brave, sensitive, aggressive, and can be suspicious. First discovered in the Japanese Tosa region, it was used to hunt boar. The tosa dog is a quiet and calm but has vigilant demeanor. It can be affectionate with its own family and not so much with strangers. Gets quite affectionate with its owner!


Sophia is quite cautious of other inmates because she’s a transgender. She can be brave to get what she wants and is affectionate towards her friends.


Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson could be a Jagdterrier

Grew up as an orphan. Funny character that stays within the group of black inmates. Often having outrageous fits, she is intelligent.  This breed is reliable, courageous, social able, strong willed, and intelligent. Jagdterriers are more comfortable in a safe place and away from strangers. They have a strong prey drive.


When Piper first arrived at the prison, Taystee was one of the inmates giving her a hard time. Taystee did apply for an appeal to be released from jail and was accepted, however, returned to jail a few months later because she felt safer in prison.


Suzanna “Crazy Eyes” Warren could be played by a Bulldog

Big bulgy eyes earned her the name of crazy eyes. Can become very emotionally attached to people and this puts off other inmates interacting with her. She can be kind and thoughtful, especially with friends. Get flustered easily and have anxiety. Appearance can be somewhat intimidating; however it is among the gentlest of dogs. Bulldogs have excellent guarding abilities and are determined to get what they want. They do not give up easily and seek for human attention constantly. A lot of human affection is needed to make bulldogs happy. Can be dominating so an owner who knows how to display strong leadership skills.


Crazy eyes appearance can be intimidating however; she can sweet and quite affectionate to Piper. Determined to get Piper's affection, she didn’t give up.

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