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Picnic Essentials for the Perfect Picnic

Posted on Jul 6, 2015 12:17:38 AM by healtheo360

Picnics are the most relaxing thing you can do either with a special someone, family, friend, or a group of people. Many people may forget to bring an item, or bring too many things to their picnic. The healtheo360 team has put together a list of picnic essentials, for your best summer picnics.


Basic Items

• Basket
• Blanket
• Paper towels
• Moist Towelettes
• Trash bags
• Plates/Cups

Food Items

• Water
• Sandwiches
• Condiments
• Ice
• Hot/Cold Food


• Cutting Board
• Serving utensils
• Can opener/Bottle Opener
• Knife

Safety and Emergencies

• First Aid Kit
• Umbrella
• Sunscreen
• Insect repellent

Safety Tips

When having a picnic there are a few safety tips that are suggested while having fun.

• Wash your hands before preparing or eating food
• Drink plenty of water
• Use separate coolers for drinks
• Freeze lots of ice beforehand
• Always pack a food thermometer
• Do not cross contaminate your frozen food, with already cooked and prepared meals.

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