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Reliance on Support Groups and Preventative Care Linked to Decrease of Heart Failure in Seniors

Posted on Aug 23, 2012 4:18:54 AM by healtheo360

Studies in Ontario Canada point to preventative methods of healthcare and reliance on support groups as major factors in Ontario’s 33% drop in cases of heart failure.

Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Jack Tu writes that researchers watched heart failure trends in Ontario from 1997 to 2007 in a large representative population. According to the researcher’s findings, averaging at about 3% a year, the percent of heart failure incidence fell.

Simple preventative lifestyle changes, motivated by encouragement from healthcare professionals and increased communication and support between patients seemed to be the backbone of this exciting downward trend.

With an emphasis on motivated and preventative efforts to limit smoking, control blood pressure, and moderate cholesterol, the representative population observed measurably lowered rates of heart failure

It should be noted, of the representative population observed, over 80% were patients 65 years or older. These results are extremely encouraging but rely on patients finding new ways to connect and commit to healthier, more preventive lifestyles.

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