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Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Posted on Jan 18, 2014 5:52:47 PM by healtheo360

The risk factors for heart disease increases with age,but there are other variables to consider. Below are some of the common key risk factors of heart disease.

risk factors for heart disease

Risk Factors For Heart Disease: Age

Though there is nothing you can do to reverse the aging process physically, eating right and staying active can do wonders to counteract potential heart disease.

Risk Factors For Heart Disease: Sex

In a lot of studies, men are shown to be the greatest proprietors of heart disease, but there is increasing clinical research supporting the fact that women, too, should be aware that there chances are also high, if not as high as men.

Risk Factors For Heart Disease: Environment (Air Pollution)

There has been research supporting the effects of environmental conditions. These conditions are specifically air quality related. In a study that is in PLoS Medicine, researchers found that air pollution increased the hardening of arteries, atherosclerosis. This condition raises the risk of heart attack.

Risk Factors For Heart Disease: High Levels of (Bad) Cholesterol or LDL

Bad cholesterol tends to build up in the arteries because your body does not break it down properly, so an overabundance of this kind of cholesterol is definitely not helpful. In recent studies, doctors have concluded that the best way to treat high levels of LDL is with statins. Statins are a medication that disables the liver from making cholesterol. More explicitly, the medicine blocks the liver from making a chemical that creates cholesterol. Side-effects of statin are fairly insignificant and uncommon.

How to get a screening for heart disease?

As always, diet and exercise play a tremendous role in healthy hearts. Cardiovascular screening should ideally start at 20 years old and the frequency for latter visits is dependent on your risk factors for heart disease, including family history, and weight. There are a few tests to consider when looking to discover heart health, they include tests like: blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight, glucose, physical activity. These tests can be done with your doctor, so schedule an appointment today!

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